Ida Mae Brown Foundation holds tribute to MLK

Stacey Prior, CEO of The Ida Mae Brown Foundation, and her husband. (photo by Wanda Clay)

Stacey Prior, CEO of The Ida Mae Brown Foundation, and her husband. (photo by Wanda Clay)

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Family and friends gathered at the Monroe Street Nashville Public Library on January 14 to celebrate the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. This tribute to MLK was a presentation by the Ida Mae Brown Foundation.

Civil Rights activist Joe Goldthreate was the highlight of the event as he demonstrated and explained the sit-ins and the situation in the city during 1961-1964. Goldthreate had a display of photos from several marches and sit-ins. At the end of his presentation he invited the audience to ask questions. The people wanted to know his position on the affairs of today and how the civil rights activists affect them. He was also questioned on the increase of Black on Black crimes.

“Changes must begin with the 10-year-old boys,” said Goldthreate. He spoke on how ‘trade education’ was removed from the public schools even though it was known that most were not likely to attend college.

“They must be taught the truth!” he said. “Truth about education and civil rights. It will set you free!”
Goldthreate admonished the youth to stay focused.

“In order to make it, you must stay focused and learn to make your own money,” he said.

Other participants in the program were Min. Lois Brown, who opened with reflections of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; Dr. Tallulah Crawley-Shinault, discussing the power of the vote; and then a solo by Joe Thomson of the Fairfield Four.

Stacey Prior, CEO of the Ida Mae Brown Foundation, led the event with great pride because it was an honor to the late Ida Mae Brown. The foundation is designed “to provide progressive services to veterans and the community to assist in obtaining access to much needed opportunities and resources and to offer support to help provide functionality in today’s society,” according to their mission statement.

The Ida Mae Brown Foundation is located at 1310 Jefferson Street.

For more information, visit or call 615-732-4330.