Jauan gives to the homeless
11-year-old shows great leadership, concern for community


Jauan Scruggs

Parents may never know what’s on the mind of children as they ride on the passenger’s side of the car each day. The children are watching and sometimes wondering if they can help others when they see people on the street.

Jauan Scruggs, an 11-year-old boy, passes the homeless everyday on his way to school. One day he asked: “Mama, can we give them food on Thanksgiving?” Without hesitation, his mother agreed—and thus, he began his mission.

Jauan, along with James, received a ‘forever home’ with Moreen Scruggs four years ago.

“It ain’t no easy job. I’m still trying to get used to parenting,” Moreen said, referring to the difficulty taking on the task of raising two boys as a single mom. With the oldest being a teen, she realizes that providing a forever home is a great challenge. However, each child comes with his own beliefs, goals and desires.

Jauan recruits help from cousins and youth from church.

Jauan recruits help from cousins and youth from church.

With this ‘heart of gold’ Jauan led the charge on preparing 50 bags of goodies, and on Thanksgiving morning he passed out those bags to the homeless who were most grateful to the young man. But his mother was a bit surprised when the ‘giving’ came to an end that day, and Jauan told the recipients: “See you on Christmas!”

He then recruited his cousins and some of the youth from his church, Spruce Baptist Street Church, to help him on the morning of Christmas Eve. This time, still under Jauan’s leadership, they prepared 100 bags and gave them out to the homeless.

Jauan starts his day of ‘giving’ at Room In The Inn.

Jauan starts his day of ‘giving’ at Room In The Inn.

“I just want to help others because of how I have been blessed,” Jauan said.

With a birthday coming on January 20, Jauan will be 12 years old.

It is his desire to carry out this mission throughout the year.