Creatives’ Day launches many prospects for Nashville artist

Creattives' Day Committee, Sponsors and Guest share a post meeting photo Op. (photo by D. Culp)

Creattives’ Day Committee, Sponsors and Guest share a post meeting photo Op. (photo by D. Culp)

The Housing Fund was the topic for the January Creatives’ Day forum, and each panelists delivered impacting and highly informative messages based on their specific expertise. Nashville is booming and housing (of any kind) can be scarce, and the waiting lists are very long. Some apartment complexes have stated that their waiting list is up to three years long.

Creatives’ Day is a Nashville based advocacy group of dedicated arts and entertainment stakeholders that share a sincere desire to nurture and protect Nashville’s thriving creative community. This community includes a myriad of talented, dedicated artists of various genres, each concerned with the overall health and quality of overall life.

The unforgettable January workshop operated in true artistic form like a well-oiled machine. The networking mixer was held in downtown Nashville at the WKND lounge. According to one attendee, this Creatives’ Day event played to a packed house. The day’s activities kicked off with committee members checking in and helping to set up the venue room, check in table and breakfast station.

Brian Sexton

Brian Sexton

Once the doors opened to the public, guests flowed in and enjoyed the hot coffee and doughnuts and scurried to find any available seating. Radio 92Q personality Kenny Smoov spoke briefly about their station’s commitment to Creatives’ Day. Another noted personality, Tom Truitt, gave an introduction entitled ‘Who Knew.’ Visionary Brian Sexton delivered a warm welcome and acknowledged the entire Creatives’ Day committee and sponsors. He also gave a brief, but highly informative explanation of the Affordable Housing Resource Guide.

The Nashville Fire Department gave an invaluable presentation on Fire Safety for creatives—due in part to the recent Oakland fire tragedy, hoping to prevent any repeats in Nashville. Then came the much-awaited Housing Fund presentation outlining the bulk of what this offers to the city and to Nashville’s creatives. Moving forward there was an Arts and Business Council presentation and a cornucopia of questions and answers.

The Creatives’ Day mission statement follows: “The creative community includes, but is not limited to, songwriters, dancers, photographers, designers, musicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, visual artist, film art professionals, aromatic artist and more of all ages and backgrounds, living and working in Nashville. The mission of Creatives’ Day is to empower and celebrate Nashville’s creative community on an annual basis—to enhance professional development opportunities for creatives working in the city and to bring greater awareness to the challenges and/or any barriers that impact Nashville’s creative community.
“Creatives’ Day is accomplished by partnering with existing and new stakeholders within the Nashville community, in the form of workshops and panel discussion.”

Sexton and other committee members strongly encourage all creatives to get involved and to support this amazing resource supported by many, including Nashville’s own Mayor Megan Barry. She recently officially declared Creatives’ Day in Nashville a serious boost and huge for area artists, living, working and playing in Nashville.

For more information see the all-inclusive website and follow Creatives’ Day on social media. It’s another plus for creatives working in Nashville with spirit, passion and innovation.’
Wrapping up the morning were more acknowledgements with a Creatives’ Day committee member delivering final acknowledgements of sponsors, thanking everyone for coming out and reminding everyone about the forthcoming Saturday, April 15, Creatives’ Day.

The topic of the next workshop is ‘Business Plan Writing for Creatives.’ The host location and venue will be the Watkins College of Arts, Design and Film, located at 2298 Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, Nashville, Tenn. 37228, from 11 am to 1:30 pm, CST.

For more information, visit www.creativesday.coom; Facebook:; or Twitter: @CreativesDay .