“Dinner With The One You Love” on Feb. 14th

It’s time, once again, for that special holiday that celebrates ‘love,’ Valentines Day. Along with that comes dining, candy, roses and sometimes diamonds. ‘Dinner With the One You Love’ is an alternative to going out among the masses to enjoy dinner.

‘Dinner With The One You Love’ is hosted by Youth About Business at the Manna From Heaven Dinner Club, 3510 West Hamilton Ave, Nashville, Tenn.

This is a special event that has been held for the past three years serving approximately 40 couples in an intimate setting. The couples will enjoy a deliciously wonderful meal prepared by Fresh Chefs. Each table will be provided with attentive care. While they dine and enjoy each other’s company, with soft live music.

This year’s dining pleasure will be held from 5-7 pm. Following dinner, the guests are offered a super special treat: the final showing of the classic Disney presentation, Beauty and the Beast! This is a spectacular production and something different in this community. “When you show love to the beast, the beast will love,” is the lesson learned from this production.

“We are excited and look forward to this addition to Dinner With The One You Love,” said Rev. Sam Kirk, founder of Youth About Business and Manna From Heaven Dinner House. Kirk humbly encourages the couples to share in this final production, as it is a wonderful story to complete a wonderful evening.

For ticket information to Dinner With The One You Love, Beauty & The Beast and other events in relation to this production, contact ; or call 615-299-8097.

The stage is huge and set for the production of Beauty and The Beast

by Wanda Clay

Manna From Heaven Dinner House (MFHDH), located at 3510 West Hamilton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. is a multi-purpose, state-of-the-arts events center.

While there have been a large variety of stage play performances, the stage has been overwhelmingly increased to accommodate the Walt Disney musical stage play, Beauty and the Beast! Along with the massive stage, an orchestra and an increased theatre seating of 400 seats, the play is ready for production February 10-14.

This production of Beauty and the Beast is under the direction of regional theatre artist Bakari King. The music production is orchestrated by Boys and Girls Club Director and professional recording artist Nicholas Oldham. With assistance from the Tennessee State Orchestra, the play will be an enriched experience and provided with a full orchestra.

New York artist Toussant Jeanlouis will portray the role of the Beast. Melinda Paul, an experienced stage artist, will portray Belle.

Youth About Business is proud to bring this professional Walt Disney Musical to the North Nashville neighborhood. As this area is sometimes seen in a negative light, it could comparably be called ‘the beast.’

However, Youth About Business believes that “when love is provided to the Beast, you are able to see the true beauty.” This is also the thought for the care of this area. There is intent to bring such activities as this to the area, hopefully changing its focus and reputation by creating a different environment.

Youth About Business is a professional leadership development non-profit organization that was founded in 1992.

Manna From Heaven Dinner House is located at 3518 West Hamilton Ave.

For more information call 615-299-8097 or 615-512-2830; or visit .