Go Red Sunday community leaders Barlow and Brown join forces for change

(l-r) Dr. Katherine Y. Brown and Bishop Calvin C.  Barlow, Jr.

(l-r) Dr. Katherine Y. Brown and Bishop Calvin c. Barlow, Jr.

Women, men and children will celebrate the American Heart Association (AHA) ‘Go Red for Women’ nationwide campaign to support and raise awareness on Sunday, February 5. Heart disease is another dreaded disease that claims the lives of countless women each year. The AHA puts a fun spin on this annual celebration day by asking that everyone wear the color red to visually share his or her unified support.

Locally in Nashville two high profile community leaders and activists for progressive change, Dr. Katherine Y. Brown of Learn CPR America and Bishop Calvin C. Barlow, Jr. of Second Missionary Baptist Corporate Ministries have joined forces to host and sponsor a two part awareness presentation. Nashville Pride writer Deborah A. Culp proudly accepted the call to be the two-part program ‘ambassador’ for Dr. Brown’s SMB Corporate Ministries community initiative. Bishop Barlow is leading the church with its community development group and growing the ministry in many ways.

When asked about the joint venture, Bishop Barlow explained: “We look forward to working with Dr. Katherine on this exciting health initiative.” Dr. Katherine Y. Brown is a nationally recognized CPR ambassador for local communities. Her work as a community consultant and content expert with addressing health disparities and leading faith based CPR initiatives has led her to nationwide prominence, including being guest lecturer on health disparities at the renowned Johns Hopkins University.

“It’s exciting to be involved with Community CPR Projects focusing on teaching the life-saving skill of CPR to underserved Nashville Communities,” Brown said. “Research has found that the survival rate from cardiac arrest in Nashville is five percent. Partnering with churches and community groups in economically disadvantaged, inner-city neighborhoods in Nashville is part of the solution. With everyone’s help we can increase survival rates for cardiac arrest victims for years to come.”

The community program with Barlow is the first of a two part series. On Go Red Sunday, Brown will lead the ministry in teaching CPR to congregants. She will return on the last Sunday in February for part two which is their ‘friends and family’ Sunday this month for additional CPR training that will be open to the Nashville community at large.

“Eighty percent of the time a cardiac arrest happens is outside of the hospital,” Dr. Brown said. “I’m honored to work with the Nashville community. People are always willing to help make a difference and now we will make a difference by saving lives.”

This amazing endeavor comes on the heels of Second Missionary Baptist Church and their nonprofit (501(c)3) based, SMB Corporative Ministries recent ‘Information Sunday.’ A heart healthy menu catered by Executive Director LaNese Campbell was well received by attendees immediately after church services concluded.

“The purpose of that meeting was to introduce the church and eventually the community to cooperative strategies for the 21st century and to develop a holistic ministry as well,” Bishop Barlow said.

There is a base seriousness to the various community events and their individual or group themes. Taglines including: #GoRedGetFit, ‘Real Women, Real Stories, Women Taking a Stand’ and ‘Know Your Numbers?’ have proven to be so much more than catchy phrase slogans. It’s a known fact that heart disease has struck numerous women of all ages, races and social status.

All are invited and welcome to attend the two-part workshop series starting promptly after Sunday church worship service on February 5 and February 26 at 11 am, CST.

For additional information, contact the church at 615-298-1832. It’s located at 1000 Halcyon St. Nashville, Tenn. 37204; or visit www.smbc1000.org; www.drkatherineybrown.com; or www.goredforwomen.org.