Elected officials compromising our trust

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

In the wake of recent political occurrences, one can’t help but contemplate whether many of those elected to public office are acting in the best interests of their constituents. For too many people, it seems that the actions taken by so many elected officials are in direct conflict to the feeling of the communities they represent, often bringing about adverse and detrimental changes.

Of course I realize you can’t make everyone happy, but when all is said and done, you must reflect the values and views of the majority of the people who elected you.

Sometimes as an elected official, you may personally disagree with a position your elected district is advocating for, making it necessary to disclose your concerns and perhaps sway or change their views.

I feel that if an elected official’s moral conscience and sense of decency prohibits him or her from enacting legislation or supporting policies that will disproportionately hurt others, or that they feel is inhumane, a public pardon is warranted. Sometimes one has to adhere to a moral and divine compass that surpasses the wants and demands of man.

I am putting elected officials on blast who for personal selfish gain and clandestine partnerships are complicit in supporting agendas they know will hurt their constituents. Let’s be frank and acknowledge that a large percentage of elected officials have used their position to become wealthy or as a stepping stone to gain prestigious recognition among people and businesses that can enhance their careers. All too often, to get something you have to give something. Then you have a scenario that often causes even the strongest in character to falter or stray.

Complicity in wrongdoing to attain power and wealth is nothing new. All too often good people gravitate toward wrongdoing. Often their likeability is so profound that the public doesn’t demand transparency in their doings. I do believe that there are some elected officials who sincerely ran for office in hope of promoting positive and effective change in the best interests of everyone in their community. They are mindful of the trappings lying before them. These officials willingly meet with their constituents and voluntarily offer transparency.

The public must be vigilant of wealthy public servants (often millionaires) who for the most part have nothing in common with those they are supposed to serve. It shouldn’t be surprising if they often support and enact policies and laws supporting big businesses or people inside their circle of wealthy friends. How can you expect wealthy electives that can’t relate to or have never encountered common problems such as affordable health care, affordable housing, or a decent living wage to identify and work in behalf of working class people encountering this problem every day? The empathy and exposure to those suffering these realities are often lacking for these elected officials.

In our country, political parties are supposed to create a check and balance, encouraging all citizens to be heard and represented. It is understandable that one supports the party that identifies with their political, economic, and social views. However supporting one’s desired party doesn’t exempt one from doing what is morally right for the country, regardless of the position your party may support. Refusals of many elected representatives to deviate from party lines on some controversial issues have precipitated detrimental outcomes for many American citizens.

Uncompromising allegiance to contentious issues (especially in the Republican Party) have helped ignite a storm of discontent, often catering to the whims of self-serving entities and racist individuals. Many of these elected officials do not project the views of the majority of the people they are supposed to represent. To be clear-cut, it comes to party affiliation trumping the wishes of the majority of United States’ citizens. When we can sometimes go outside the chosen position of our political party and do what our conscious dictates as righteous, we will be better off as a nation.

Elected officials will continuously be questioned, but sometimes it is all about doing the right thing. I truly believe the majority of our citizens are decent, loving, spiritually led individuals, advocating for truth and justice. Policies and laws enacted should reflect fairness and impartiality. This can be made possible when good people unite and utilize their voting power to replace those betraying their trust.

Sometimes the truth is so bright you can’t miss it unless you choose to keep your eyes closed. Let’s strive for what’s in the best interests for all of the people in this country. Let that be our priority. Our elected officials should represent the moral values of our society.