A life to be emulated

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Recently the Nashville community was saddened by the loss of a beloved icon and pillar of the community with the passing of Julia Pearl Pillow Tucker. Once again the world is void of one scintillating light whose presence here on earth made her human experience a manifestation of love—generating uncompromising joy and appreciation for life, by her giving.

I can only imagine that it is with great reluctance and selfishness that those who loved her relinquish the soul of Julia to the custody of our omnipotent and gracious Benefactor, acknowledging that it is His will. Although she adhered to God’s call to her heavenly home, her immediate family, friends, and those in the community nevertheless praise God for allowing Julia to have graced their lives.

Julia, a native Nashvillian truly manifested a warm and loving spirit, a kind and giving benevolent heart, and an undaunted and courageous soul. In all honesty, there are not enough adjectives that can adequately express or give credence to this awesome and beautiful individual who was affectionately called Lulu by family and friends. Without hesitation, she was the ‘real deal’—a model to be duplicated.

It is not surprising that most if not all of her nieces and nephews would adamantly dub her their favorite aunt because she had such a pleasing and genuine personality. Anyone who knew Julia knew she could be stern when needed but was gifted with a love for people that was undeniable. Hers was a journey of giving, serving and generating an aura of contagious and abundant love in action.

Julia’s professional career spanned 38 years and was devoted to working with our youth. Starting as a youth counselor in her earlier years at Our House, she later became a probation officer with the Davidson County Juvenile Court. She was eventually elevated to the position of supervisor, culminating in becoming the director of Drug Court. Her dedication in advocating for and transforming the lives of ‘at risk’ youth gained her great respect and admiration among her peers.

Her service to the community was legendary with too many awards and honors to adequately divulge. But perhaps one of her most honorable awards would be the Lifetime Achievement Award she received from Nashville Partnership Prevention.

Her membership with The Clique Bridge Club, Faith Unlimited Civic Club and her beloved sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, took up a lot of her time and energy. She also acted in the capacity as a mentor, encouraging youth as well as young adults to be the best they can be.

One could say that serving others was comparable to breathing for her, and it was done not out of obligation but sincerely from her compassionate and unselfish heart. Julia was genuine, loving, and generous to a fault. She was the change she advocated for others to become.

Some would argue that her greatest assets were her wit and winning personality, accompanied by a profound wisdom. Truly to know her was to love her. I can’t begin to acknowledge the contingency of people who gravitated toward and loved her because of her sincere love of people. Many people who knew her would say that socializing was her favorite hobby—and no one did it better.

She was in her element when she was entertaining, family and friends. Wow, how she loved people.

Her legacy is the love she leaves behind and can be found in all the people she touched, especially in her three loving devoted sons: Michael, Dwayne (Carmen), and David (Angel); and her two doting grandchildren, Brandy and Dwayne. She also leaves a host of devoted sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, cousins and dear friends who will deeply miss her.

Hers was a life that can be used as an example for anyone to emulate. She may be physically absent from this world, but a part of her remains in all those who loved her—encouraging them to embrace life with a vengeance, utilizing love as the ultimate conduit for making this a better world.

One can only smile and think of the joy she generated when they think of her, and that will be a daily occurrence. Her life was a celebration and testimony of the goodness afforded to being a true child of God. It is with certainty that she would like her memory to bring about, joy, laughter, and happiness, not sadness and despair.

Those who knew Julia may weep for a moment because of the void of her physical presence here on earth. But they will then relish and rejoice, knowing God loved them enough to bless them with knowing or having Julia in their lives. They say angels are prone to live in heaven, but every once in a while you have one who literally lives here on earth. Thus we had one with Julia Tucker.

Those who frequented Julia’s infamous Tuesday Night get-togethers will always keep a light on for her in their hearts, especially on Tuesdays as they recall the good times she provided at her home.

I feel I speak for all those who knew her when I say, “Thanks for your friendship and the memories.” You have ascended to your heavenly home, but you will never to be forgotten. A part of you now lives inside all those who loved you.