Elder William Carter, Jr. celebrates 1st Pastoral Appreciation

Elder William Carter, Jr. pastor

Elder William Carter, Jr. pastor

The man, the music the ministry—and it will be all about Elder William Carter, Jr. on Feb. 18. Members are excited to share in this first

Pastoral Appreciation celebration for William Carter, Jr. On Saturday, February 18 at 6 pm, members, family, friends and the community will gather at The House of God, 2005 Herman Street, to honor Elder Carter, pastor of The House of God Keith Dominion, Nashville/Headquarters Band.

The weekend celebration will begin with the musical worship service on Saturday night at 6 pm and culminate with a Sunday morning worship service at 11:30 am on February 19.

“We are so excited about honoring our pastor,” said Monique Robinson. “I got my grounding at HOGC and it will always be home.”

Saturday evening’s celebration will be a great musical that will highlight some of the musical talents that came from the teachings of Elder Carter. Many people will be there to give honor to man that started his spiritual journey at a very young age. He was a director and musician as a very young teen. Simply called ‘JC’ (Junior Carter), his older sisters and the members of his first choir were all his elders.

Yet, they were under ‘Junior’s’ leadership.

The House of God Keith Dominion church is “a Bible teaching, Bible preaching and Bible believing church.” Elder Carter invites all to “come and experience the true power of God as He heals, delivers and sets free!”

The House of God Keith Dominion, Nashville/Headquarters Band is located at 2005 Herman Street in Nashville, Tenn.

Elder Carter leads the worship service on Sunday mornings at 11:30 am.

For more information, visit <hogcnashville.com> or <www.facebook.com/hogcnashville>.