Big Mama’s Soul Food makes North Nashville debut

There is now another reason to venture out Clarksville Highway these days, because the grand opening of ‘Big Mama’s Soul Food’ is packing them in. Located at 3944 Clarksville Highway in North Nashville in the Kroger Supermarket plaza, the owners stated they were destined to be there.

Mrs. Veronica Appleton (Big Mama) and her family graciously work side by side for day-to-day operations. They’re handling orders for small, larger and even larger groups (big events, etc.) and serving down home favorites and specialties too, including: oxtails, chitterlings, fish, chicken, chops, ribs and practically every trimming imaginable. And Big Mama says that while she runs a successful business, no one who is genuinely hungry will ever be turned away.

When it comes to business, she also said she has worked in many industries over her lifetime, but cooking and preparing great, sumptuous food for people is a calling from God. When asked her views on Black History Month, she said: “If it weren’t for Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. and other historic civil rights legends she would not have been able to make it as far as she has in life.

“They paved the way honey,” she said. “Real life heroes like them have made it possible for me and my family to work and to serve God to capacity.”

The food is good and the prices are competitive for the amount of food that patrons receive. Not everyone can afford to eat out and meals such as these are savored for special occasions. When interviewed, Big Mama and her talented crew had just accommodated and served a very large order for a big name company. But even though they were exhausted, the smiles and level of customer service didn’t falter one bit.

In addition to great products and services in this tight and seemingly even tighter economy, quality customer service may seem akin to ‘seeing a unicorn’ (and we know that they don’t really exist). Add great service, appreciation for your presence and hard earned dollars, and good food—then you’ve hit a ‘trifecta’!

Big Mama’s Soul Food slogan is: “Bring your family to sit across the table from our family and enjoy our food.”

Then there is her ‘special sauce’ complete with secret ingredients that cannot be pried out of her or her loyal staff. To wrap it up, guests generally adorn their chosen plates with one or more of the homemade desserts and a cold drink. The sweet goodies are like the entrees served, all made from scratch.

“Homemade food is the best way to go and it takes a village y’all. I owe all thanks to the Lord and we humbly appreciate your business,” said the matriarch.

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