Sistah Nandi is making history with ‘Wrap-A-Loc’ styling tool

Sistah Nandi

Sistah Nandi

Sistah Nandi is making history in the hair industry. Wrap-A-Loc is a duel hair-staying tool that works in several ways. It can be used to curl the hair or remain in the hair as a part of the styling.

Wrap-A-Loc is a revolutionary styling tool and a technique that creates tight spiral curls on all hair textures. It can be used with setting lotions or with water to create quintessential Wrap-A-Loc look.

Nandi Gilkey is an alumnus of Tennessee State University, where she studied communications. Gilkey became quite involved while attending TSU. She was a news reporter and became a great writer, saying: “You sent me to be educated and I’m building on the foundation.” Upon graduating, she worked in the media field for many years. As a part of her job and daily hygiene practices, she dealt with her hair on a daily basis. Nandi wanted an African name, finally settling on ‘Nandi,’ which was Shakazulu’s mother’s name. She was a woman of high esteem, so the name seemed “fitting for me,” she said.

Although she worked in corporate America, she always felt like hair was her ‘gift.’

In 1998, Nandi decided to get her hair styled with ‘kinky twists,’ a kind of hairstyle typically used by girls who have curly or kinky hair. It can also be considered as a protective hairstyle since it can protect your natural hair. She settled on this style for quite some time. Her hair began to grow longer and longer. As the hair grew it ‘locked.’

She concluded that the natural beauty and curls of black hair wasn’t enhanced by styling ‘dreads.’ She said, “Our hair doesn’t dread, it locks.” This style of hair is an attraction to people. She said, “This attraction makes people immediately want to touch the hair.” The coils of hair lock together as a natural process. She wanted to have nice curly locks: “I wanted pretty ‘locs.’”

She became saturated in learning more and more about natural hair. And in learning about the hair, she found that it was about more than the hair. It was about a culture. Thus, she became a hair culturalist. She and her husband studied and learned all about ethnic hair and “why we feel the way we do about our hair.”

In 2007 Nandi had a dream. She decided to follow her purpose. She left corporate America and invested all of her money into the pursuit of creating this unique styling tool for natural hair that would create pretty ‘locs.’ While females may desire to create pretty locs, men also wear natural hairstyles. Nandi’s husband stood in support of her endeavor by joining her in the beginning stages of developing this tool. He became an avid promoter and a hair culturalist as well. He gave notice to the fact that locs are a natural style that men love.

“When so many men are not in favor of women’s alternative hair styles, the locks are most favored because it is natural hair,” he said.

Nandi encourages everyone to believe in his or her dreams.

As she and her husband continue to travel the world marketing the Wrap-A-Loc styling tool, they also share as much knowledge about the purpose of “our hair.”

“We’ve always been told that there’s no beauty in our hair,” said Nandi. However, she has proven that it’s all about “finding the beauty in your hair.”

Sistah Nandi is currently preparing to introduce another hair product line.

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