Youth About Business share successful production

Cast of Youth About Business' production of "Beauty and the Beast". (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Cast of Youth About Business’ production of “Beauty and the Beast”. (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Youth About Business (YAB) is one of Nashville’s best-kept secrets and their way of enhancing and changing lives, one youth at a time is phenomenal. YAB recently put on a community theatre style production of the acclaimed Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Like all YAB productions it was a family friendly, highly captivating production whose positive effects on the audience will be felt for some time to come. Production consultant William Jenkins spoke very highly of YAB executive director, Minister Samuel Kirk, and the captivating production.

Rev. Kirk has done wonders in the North Nashville area and for the city as a whole, through the ministry and host venue, ‘Manna From Heaven Dinner House and Theatre.’

Nashvillian Cheri Baker’s son successfully went through the program and she still volunteers her time whenever possible to the non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The lovely six-year-old granddaughter of Lady Dorothy ‘Dee Dee’ Davis, Mia Davis-Pitoscia, said: “I loved it! Belle was my favorite character!” Beauty and the Beast displayed some of the area’s finest talent and etched out each movement to the tune of a live orchestra, which could rival any philharmonic. “If you love the beast, you will get the beauty out of it” said one of the memorable captions as the production was being introduced.

State Rep. Brenda Gilmore was one of the hosts who introduced the play. She lavished praise on Rev. and Mrs. Kirk, the conveniently located venue, and the acclaimed play. She spoke clearly about how North Nashville was just one of many great communities in the city to do business in, to raise families, and to bring quality programming like this one for all to enjoy.

The other introductions were made by: Lonnell Matthews, Mayor Megan Barry’s Office; Barry Scott, American Negro Playwright Theatre; Rev. Sam Kirk, YAB; and William Jenkins, Beauty and the Beast consultant.

The talented and poised cast included: Executive Director Bokari King; Music Director Nicholas Oldham; and in lead roles, Toussant Jeanlouis as the ‘Beast’ and Melinda Paul as ‘Belle.’ Kamryn Boyd, Brittany Easley, Easton, Josie Wolf, Quiana Roberson, Beyonce Lovelace, Brooke Leigh Davis, Alex Pineiro, Brian Best, Lindsay Hess, Clinton Stewart, Elizabeth Golden and Elijah Golden rounded out the cast.

Youth About Business conducts one of the most innovative leadership-training programs for youth in the marketplace today. At the end of each performance, YAB continued to send a clear message of hope and welcome, saying: “Youth About Business thanks everyone for coming out and we remain committed to recognizing the beauty in our community.”

Children ages 10 to 18 are welcome and encouraged to be enrolled by their parents or caregivers in YAB. Call 615-299-8097 or visit