Dr. Mark Williams music, ministry and medicine

Dr. Mark Williams  (courtesy photo/Benita Bellamy)

Dr. Mark Williams (courtesy photo/Benita Bellamy)

Physician, renowned artist and ministry keeper, Mark A. Williams, M.D., Ph.D., is a Black History mid-state and national icon who has literally fused three of the world’s unique genres together and really made them work.

Affectionately called ‘Dr Mark’ by many, his work in all three areas is not just for himself as he uses it all for the greater good.

Dr. Williams is a Nashville based new artist who is delivering a fresh, anointed sound to gospel music. He has a genuine heart for worship and an undeniable passion for God demonstrated masterfully on his new CD Everything. He is stately in presence and always has a kind word and smile for anyone he comes into contact with. Dr. Williams is about as genuine and down to earth as it gets, and his vastly growing notoriety hasn’t spoiled him in any way. He is a vested man of God, talented and powerful.

Merging music, medicine and ministry, Dr. Williams also educates on the significance of vocal care for aspiring and seasoned vocalists. He is a board-certified otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat physician) who has a thriving practice in Nashville: Specialists, The Ear, Nose & Throat of Nashville.

He also founded the Voice Care Center of Nashville, where he specializes in treating and preventing voice problems in Christian and Gospel music artists.

Everything delivers energetic and infectious praise songs intertwined with soulful ballads. Dr. Mark A. Williams captures the essence of pure worship that is engaging audiences in a powerful musical experience. The title cut ‘Everything’ displays his smooth vocal capacity and alluring vocals reminiscent of popular R&B artist Will Downing. ‘The King of Glory’ is an uplifting praise anthem and has become a radio hit and congregation favorite.

Some of his patients call him ‘The Singing Doc.’ His practice’s focus is in the area of ears, nose and throat, this man of God, husband and father finds time to serve the community through specific volunteer work (when time permits). Williams can often be found on a program serving as the master of ceremonies and remains a grounded voice in each of his chosen industries.

He values the voices of his patients as much as he does his own and has further demonstrated this by creating a teaching CD titled Understanding your Voice the Instrument. More information about this and his journey of merging music, medicine and ministry can be found via his websites: <www.drmarkawilliams.com> and <www.entson.net>.