A wake up call

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

In these trying times in which all caution seems to have been tossed to the wind with the election of Donald Trump as president, there lies within a prophetic message. Surely this must be a wakeup call to those who still ascribe to a moral compass of coming forth and fighting for righteousness and truth—a truth apparently held captive and needing to be released.

This abomination of what many see as a grave injustice with the election of Trump as president could have only come about when the forces of deception and hate were allowed to run rampant as good people idly slept or acquiesced. For the most part, we allowed a calculating and manipulative individual to use tools of deception laced with racial hate, lies, and ignorance to solidify a certain group of ‘soldiers’ to push his agenda.

A non-humanitarian agenda exists that some see as targeting immigrants under the guise of protecting national security, a push to creating more jobs by deregulation of industries at the risk of employee safety and polluting our air, soil and water—and excessive tax breaks for the rich suggested to encourage more jobs.

We have a president who has aligned himself with rich powerful people in his cabinet and advisors who literally have nothing in common with the majority of the common working people of this country. Trump’s most personal advisors and consultants seem to share the same mindset, taking pleasure in playing mind games with the public and the media.

Probably the most successful ploy enacted thus far is the distrust Trump has helped build among the public and the media, making his agenda more attainable to deliver—especially when he has labeled the media as liars for the most part. But yet ‘alternative truths’ can be used to describe unadulterated lies from those defending him. How can one orchestrate such an obvious web of deception and lies and still remain literally unscathed by so many?

It is a known fact that when a person shows you who they are in the beginning, you should believe them unless you are blind or in denial. Donald Trump did just that. Now he is insulting our intelligence by saying he is misrepresented and misunderstood. The rationalization that catapulted him to the presidency is beyond understanding for so many people, because the country clearly saw a misogynistic, bullying name caller, racist, and liar with ties to our long-standing enemy Russia campaigning for presidency.

I can’t imagine the degree of hopelessness and desperation that some may have felt or used to support Trump, regardless of the honor, respect and pride most people hold for the office of U.S. president. It is for so many an insult and an embarrassment having him in the most powerful and prestigious position in the world.

Sometime unswerving party loyalty can be detrimental if you forsake what you know in your heart to be the right thing to do in the best interests of the majority of the people in this country. Adamantly following along party lines, regardless of the issues, may be a disservice to the common public.

Even when the deck is stacked with a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, one would like to believe there exists a handful of Republicans willing to use their moral compass to denounce and vote against some of the nominations and policies Trump is endorsing. At least they would garner the support of those advocating for what’s in the best interest of all the people of this country.

When you have elected officials who are empathetically rebuking the wishes of their communities to promote party loyalty, then you know a wakeup call is warranted. This cannot be seen as a Republican or Democratic struggle for party loyalty voting on party lines regardless of the wishes of the masses for legislation that is blatantly discriminatory.

The present atmosphere is so racially divided that one cannot help but show one’s true colors, and it isn’t a pretty picture. Maybe the vestiges of this incendiary disconnect were ever present but hiding, just waiting to be ignited by a calculating and volatile demagogue.

What amazes me are the excuses some people are still using to rationalize support for this visible and apparent ‘P. T. Barnum character.’ Rhetoric is being voiced that only supports their racial prejudices when they would be screaming bloody murder and impeachment if our former President Barack Obama had acted accordingly. For some, a pleasing speech by Trump settles all previous iniquities, citing cries of “work with him and give him a chance.” Where was this apathy and support for former President Obama?

Enough with the games and manipulation! Wake up; throw away the glass-tinted glasses; and address the alarm at the gate. Watch what is going on; demand transparency; make your voices known; and by all means, show up at local and state elections and vote.

Let’s help make this nightmare only temporary. ‘Sleeping’ or adherence to smokescreens and divisive tactics are no longer acceptable options.