Vivian M. Wilhoite — mold breaker

Vivian Wilhoite

Vivian Wilhoite

Vivian M. Wilhoite is the first woman and African American to hold the office of Assessor of Property in the history of Davidson County. That appointment took place in August, 2016. She is a fireball of charismatic energy whose dynamic presence commands any room that she enters. Property Assessor Wilhoite’s motto is: “Do all the good you can, in every way you can, for all of the people you can, while you can.” That’s a theory she lives and works by for the greater good of Davidson County.

The Property Assessor’s office handles all phases of property tax, property assessments, appraisals and certifications.

“My biggest objective is in educating people about the process,” Wilhoite said. She has successfully introduced several outreach projects, and since her time in office those numbers have grown—all in educating Nashville and Davison County citizens for the greater good of those processes. “Consumer education and repetition is important for the people,” she said.

She is a proud native of Gulfport, Mississippi who relocated to Nashville in order to attend Tennessee State University (TSU). Upon graduation from TSU, Vivian started her professional career as a real estate appraiser at the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA), formerly known as the Tennessee Public Service Commission. During her time at the commission, Vivian was responsible for the appraisal of public utility properties for ‘ad valorem’ tax purposes.

She was promoted to the position of assistant director and later ascended to chief of the Consumer Services Division. She concluded her career as the TRA’s statewide representative for Consumer Education & Outreach, a role for which she traveled the state empowering consumers to make informed decisions about their gas, water, electric and telephone services.

Wilhoite strongly believes that her purpose in life is to serve others. Her daily walk and level of service matches up to those beliefs. She began walking in that purpose as an involved student at TSU. In 2003, she ran and was elected to serve as Representative of District 29 on the Metropolitan Davidson County Council. In 2007, she was re-elected by 72% of the vote—the largest percentage of anyone running for local public office in that election year.

While serving on the Metro Council, Vivian was selected as vice-president of the National League of Cities Information, Technology and Communications Committee, which played a major role in the implementation of the Broadband Plan and Digital Transition for the city of Nashville.

After serving eight years on the Metro Council, Vivian remained active in the community and political arena. Seeing an opportunity to effect change and empower the masses, she again entered the political arena and ran for the Office of the Assessor of Property for Davidson County. When asked how she feels about her remarkable appointment to that office, she said: “He (God) planted me here and it feels right. The landscape of social change begins in faith.”

Vivian views public service as a lifetime commitment. She is a proud member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, as well as numerous other boards and organizations. She and her family are active members of Mt. Zion Baptist Church International (Presiding Bishop Elect Joseph Walker III, first lady Dr. Stephanie Mitchell Walker).

Family is always top priority for Vivian. She enjoys family time with her husband Larry and their two sons, Lelan and Pherius.

The Nashville and Davidson County Assessor’s office is located in the Howard Office Building Fulton Complex, Suite #210, 700 2nd Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 37210. Call 615-862-6080. More information may be found on the office website at