In pursuit of truth and righteousness

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It seems we are living in a world where we are bombarded from side to side with lies, deceit and unmitigated hate. The hardest part of this existence is deciphering whom you can trust. Sometimes it seems the closest person to you has the sharpest knife just awaiting the opportunity to stab you dead in your back.

Morals and values are attributes that no longer seem treasured by many, only acting as dead weight to those lost in self-appeasement or debauchery—whatever the cost. One can attest that love of our fellow man or for those less fortunate takes a second seat to those seeming to feel privileged and apathetic to the woes of others in this world.

I feel the saddest part of the apathetic stance taken by so many participants in social, economic, and political issues is the way they try to rationalize their position. Often you find them berating those with less, looking upon those in need as unmotivated, lazy, or as baggage draining the system. All too often affluent, condescending, insensitive people cannot look beyond their own comfortable domain and see the suffering and pain so many of their fellow brethren are experiencing. In fact, many of these people find solace and acceptance in socializing with peers who share their social and economic status, often lacking empathy for those with less.

Regardless of the abundant presence of spiritual institutions surrounding so many communities, there appears to be a spiritual disconnect with the benevolent and humanitarian teaching of such churches and sanctuaries. Too many of the parishioners of these churches (while attending on Sundays) spend the week wreaking havoc and literally raising hell. Ironically, these are the people who are highly judgmental, showing very little compassion for the transgressions of others.

I am referring to those who are constantly beating down those who may have fallen short and need forgiveness, encouragement, and help—not unrelenting condemnation. Yet so many times these are the very same people supporting and endorsing wolves in sheepskin, sometimes knowing full well the selfish motives or objectives of these shysters.

We have too many clicks and esoteric groups self-absorbed in ostracizing, thinking they are better than others. Thus you have people more concerned with impressing their peers than advocating for changes that will benefit all their fellow men, regardless of their economic or social status. Talking about the shortcoming of other people with your foot on their necks doesn’t help better any situation. It is only when we offer an unobtrusive ear and a helping hand can we go forward.

But how can we overcome a negative and hostile environment that seems to celebrate and promote the pursuit of self-aggrandizement? Whom can we trust? Demagogues with hidden agendas are running amuck with the blind confirmation of their supporters. Our country is being held captive, and too many of us are in denial—whether they be complicit or asleep.

Are we becoming a nation desensitized to corruption, decency, truth, and righteousness? Where are more supporters for truth, justice and righteousness? Are we being led to believe advocating for truth, justice, and righteousness makes us radicals, mavericks, or unduly defiant and oppositional?

I feel we are all gifted with an intrinsic moral compass that should act as a guide for us while navigating in this mundane world. Adherence to this moral compass should be our top priority if we are truly serious in living up to our God given potential, especially as it relates to serving humanity.

I am a firm believer that there are a handful of people regardless of religion, race, sex, or political affiliation who are the light that keeps this world from becoming completely dark and desolate. I am referring to people who honestly and unapologetically pursue and advocate for truth, righteousness, and equality as part of their human journey. They do not see the excessive acquisition of power, money, and material attainment as the ultimate goals for happiness or personal fulfillment.

It is these people who are present to offer us insight and bearing, especially when we are at our lowest, feeling there is little or no hope for this world. They are the vanguards showing us that good people do exist—thus inspiring us to follow suit. They are blessed with a vision and have attained a wisdom that is divinely sought.

One must surround oneself with positive spiritually led people and work collectively to motivate others to follow. The light delivering one to the truth and righteousness is there. However dim it may appear at times, it is there for those legitimately seeking to make this a better world. Join the light and make it brighter. Truth and righteousness are the virtues necessary to keep this country as well as the world from its spiral toward annihilation.