Tonette Bell enhances the beauty of women

Tonette Bell working on a client. (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Tonette Bell working on a client. (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Master stylist and salon owner Tonette Bell brings well over 20 years to the beauty industry. This year she has taken her talent, skills and abilities out of the box and to the next level. On March 18, Tonette held her combination ‘grand opening and customer appreciation day’ at the Antioch based ‘Pierre’s Hair Design Salon.’ Amid the hubbub of activity and loving meet and greets, Tonette gladly shared her life’s success and years of experience with media and others.

Pierre’s Hair Design is a full service, eloquent salon nestled in the New Orleans French Quarter themed Salon Suites venue, proving to be a pleasant surprise for new guests and clients. From the outside of the building it may be hard to image that over 41 individual businesses catering largely to women are harmoniously linked together under one roof. The bulk of them are hair salons, while the others offer an array of beauty industry supplies, and regular to high-end clothing and jewelry. It’s like the ‘Disney World of all things beautiful’ under one roof.

The various twists and turns throughout the building offer a French Quarter/Bourbon St. type of mystique. So for those who have never been to New Orleans, be prepared to take in a healthy dose of the flair and ambiance of one of the most sought after tourist stops in America. When it comes to ambiance and presence, the talented hands and heart of Tonette’s skills put the icing on the proverbial cake. The master stylist utilizes her years of skills and professionalism to the max for her client’s satisfaction. The grooming and beautification process of each client may not be the same (depending on what style they are receiving), but the time and work that she puts in does not vary. No one who sits in her chair is hurried or ‘sold short’ because she does all possible to make their experience a very pleasurable and educational experience.

Tonette will even dim the lights and play music softly to set the mood of happiness in preparation for each successful outcome. Whether it’s a weave, sew-in, natural hairstyle, cut or color innovation, her clients often say: “Ms. Tonette has it going on y’all!” She named the salon after her son ‘Pierre’, now an active duty soldier in the U.S. Army. The beautiful New Jersey native has been in Nashville over 10 years now.

Client and professional wedding planner Alisa Richardson–Hankerson, successfully handled the event. Guests enjoyed a fabulous layout of cheeses, light chicken salad, specialty crackers, grapes, fresh pineapple slices and house wines. Goodie packs were given out and practically everyone delighted at the opportunity to take photographs and selfies with Lady Tonette.

It was a comfortable, loving but festive affair to remember—even more so witnessing the transformation of each client beginning with the woman’s untouched structure and later blooming into a Tonette masterpiece. Appointments are necessary to secure and to maximize the Pierre’s experience.

At this time, any style involving the ‘addition of hair’ requires that the client purchase and bring said hair to their appointment.(Tonette doesn’t sell hair). For the most part, Tonette can master any style and looks forward to the satisfied client walking away looking and feeling fantastic. Nothing she does in the vast world of hair and beauty is deemed ‘regular.’

Pierre’s Hair Design is located in suite #121 of the Salon Suites Building located at 5333 Hickory Hollow Lane, Antioch, Tenn. 37013.

For more information concerning future events call 757-515-4864.