Bianca Grant book signing at Alkebu-Lan Images Bookstore

Bianca Grant

Bianca Grant

In Maturing in the Spirit of Love, Bianca Grant eloquently shows that the Bible is indeed the living word of God. She makes it less daunting and its messages more attainable for anyone who wants to be enlightened by God’s wisdom. This scholarly work demonstrates her keen understanding of the Bible and the wisdom found therein. Throughout this work her generosity of spirit shines through and her suggestions to others come across naturally and with great empathy. This book focuses heavily on the universal truths of God and explains in great detail how “they disallow anything, seen or unseen, to avoid them.”

Ms. Grant intelligently addresses the subject of the perplexing and often debated aspects of the true nature of man and how many of his decisions and experiences are influenced by his innate inheritances and other contributing factors. She debunks the old notion that a ‘tiger can’t change his stripes’, which suggests that we are all doomed to live out the negatives in our souls. Through her research, she offers scientific proof as to why this isn’t true and how we can redirect our spirits to chart a new course of action for our lives.

Throughout this work, Bianca skillfully intertwines her personal experiences, the experiences of others and world events with spiritual laws and biblical wisdom to reveal the true power that we all have through Spirit. Unlike so many other books of this genre, this work doesn’t sugar-coat the truth and it doesn’t insult the reader’s intelligence. It is an easy read and it will hold the attention of those who are interested in this subject matter.

Most of the first chapter is about an earlier period in Bianca’s life when she first began to seriously think about what a true relationship with God really means. By reading her story first, you will understand why she wrote this book and how she developed a passionate interest in the subject of spirit as it relates to our daily lives.

Among other things, this book is filled with good insights about the proper use of God’s wisdom to help us navigate through life’s difficulties and helps us to understand how we can achieve the lofty goal of experiencing life as our higher selves. As you read this work it will become apparent to you why “our physical beings are the least of who we are and most of our worldly pursuits are the least of what we should be doing.”

Her views on the ‘act of forgiving’ are eye-opening, to say the least. Among other things, she helps us to understand how our capacity to forgive others and the negative experiences in our lives is inextricably linked to our ability to forgive ourselves.

Maturing in the Spirit of Love is a book primarily about consciousness. It illuminates the idea that “all things, seen and unseen are created and maintained by spirit for the purpose of advancing some type of passion, good or bad.”

Bianca will sign copies of her book at Alkebu-Lan Images Book Store, located at the corner of Jefferson and 28th Ave. North, on Sunday, April 30th, from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm.