Marvel vs. DC at Way Late Play Date

Participants of a recent Way Late Play Date costume contest sponsored by Hypericon.

Participants of a recent Way Late Play Date costume contest sponsored by Hypericon.

Where do your allegiances lie? Join the comic book battle of the ages at the next Way Late Play Date. Come explore the science behind the two powerhouses of the comic book world – from high-tech gadgetry to super powers – and show Nashville which faction has the strongest support!

Way Late Play Date is at Adventure Science Center on Thursday, April 27 from 6:30 to 10 pm. Tickets are $35 for not-yet-members and $25 for members and include admission to all exhibits and activities, three beverage tickets (beer, wine and soft drinks), a planetarium show and a souvenir cup. This event is for adults (21+) only, and there are a few very special activities for this event only.

Amazing Arachnids – Whether it’s Black Widow or The Amazing Spiderman, arachnids have definitely had an influence on the crime-fighting universe. Come meet Garth, ASC’s own Pink Toe Tarantula and learn more about some of those spidery skills–even how studying spider webs has helped us make advances in a real-life superscience: nanotechnol-

Wicked Superplants – Although both Marvel and DC have brought us botany-inspired supers in Poison Ivy and Groot, you’ll see how the real plant world is pretty good at fending for itself. Explore our newest temporary exhibit, Wicked Plants: The Exhibit, to find out all about plants that can kill you. We’ll also compare some of the plant-like super powers of Groot, Poison Ivy, and Swamp Thing, but you can decide who would win in this botanical battle.

Flame On – If you play with fire, you just might get burned. That is… unless you’ve gained the power to control fire by sheer force of will like founding member of the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch. You’ll get to toss around real handheld fireballs and consider how some of DC’s fire-wielding superheroes might match up to the Human Torch’s abilities in a Marvel vs. DC style firefight.

Gadgets & Self-Made Superhumans – If we’ve learned anything from Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, it’s that heroes don’t always have to possess superhuman powers! (But, it helps if you’re a billionaire.) From high powered-lasers to sonar and electro-magnetism, check out some of the real-science super gadgets that turn these ordinary men into Iron Man and Batman.

Flame vs. Freeze – Who would win in a battle… Marvel’s The Phoenix Force or DC’s Mr. Freeze? We’re putting these extreme powers to the test in an exciting 15-minute live science demonstration that features the powerful impact of fire and the incredible cooling powers of liquid nitrogen with flamethrowers, green fire, and more.

Other activities included in your admission fee are: Planetarium Shows; Costume Contest with Hypericon; and other special activities with the center’s Community Partners. There are extra charges for the food trucks onsite: Hibachi 4 Hire & Steaming Goat; and you can make your own Way Late Play Date souvenir t-shirt with Hip Hues. The next Way Late Play Date is July 27 and the theme is: Total Eclipse of the Heart (80s Retro). Get your tickets now before they sell out (they usually do) at the center or online at