Everett Drake ‘The Year of the Reunions’ Birthday Gospel Gala

Everett Drake (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

Everett Drake (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

If the combined birthday gala and remarkable Gospel Concert for Everett Drake could be summed up in one word, it could easily be ‘Wow.’ This year’s theme was ‘The Year of the Reunions’ due in part to many of the former Gospel choirs, musicians and solo artists showing up in support of Everett’s special day.

Among the many noted names in the venue, some stood out a tad bit more, such as: ‘Ambassador’ Dr. Bobby Jones, Rev. and multi-award-winning Gospel artist Rev. Wess Morgan, and the ‘Free Spirit Singers’ who joined forces with another group for the evening’s ministry in song. Alex Esmon proved to be another impacting voice that rang through the venue, prompting the rise of the Holy Spirit in the house. He also joined forces with a noted choir for the evening. There were many and none went unnoticed and each made a valuable difference during the celebration.

“It all began with our former pastor, Rev. Emeritus Henry K. Smith, Jr., asking what the church family could do to help with my Music Ministry,” said the evening’s honoree, Everett Drake. “What a blessing it is to have the support of your senior pastor and ministerial teams. Special thanks to Rev. Napoleon Harris, the First Family and First Baptist Church South Inglewood of Nashville, Tenn.”

If there were a proverbial cherry on top of the sweetness of the evening, it would be Everett Drake’s (affectionately called ‘Sir Everett’ by many) re-launch of his award winning CD Amen Goes Right There. Numerous social media hashtags are found throughout the Gospel and general music industry postings as: #AGRT or #TeamAGRT.

His music is so fitting for today’s society and the often undesirable direction we seem to be going in! On a more positive note, #AGRT is seen and heard, as an uplifting, to the point directive that cannot help but make sense. Everett Drake has been blessed to serve in the Gospel music industry for many years and still does it well. His captivating elegant manner is highly remembered from being on the Dr. Bobby Jones Show for years. It’s been said that he is a skilled professional who is always humble, no matter where God and his career path has carried him—including singing solo or alongside numerous other industry giants worldwide.

The mega event was hosted by Rev. San Franklin Jackson. It featured the reunions of some of Nashville’s most dynamic and memorable choirs, including: ‘B.C.&M. Mass Choir,’ the ‘Johnson Ensemble,’ ‘B.M.&E. Convention Choir,’ ‘C.W. Goodwin Fellowship Choir,’ ‘Music City Mass Choir’ and more.

“I turned 63 on April 17,” said Everett. “The first birthday celebration was started to commemorate the release of my debut CD, Amen Goes Right There, in April of 2012.”

The event was run like a well-oiled machine. From the greeters and ushers at the door to the members or visitors who took the time to direct guests to the restrooms or where they chose to sit in the packed venue, it proved to be a pleasant and joyous occasion for all.

#TeamAGRT says that “in case y’all missed the birthday gala and Gospel concert extraordinaire, no worries. Follow Everett Drake and #TeamAGRT music via his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EverettDrake