Nashville Chapter NHBW growing membership

Nashville NHBW receives National Presidential Award Recognition for outstanding organizational service. (photo courtesy Nashville Chapter NHBW)

Nashville NHBW receives National Presidential Award Recognition for outstanding organizational service. (photo courtesy Nashville Chapter NHBW)

The National Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc. (NHBW) is a national, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization formally established in 1974. Their national agenda dedicates itself to improving the lives of women and their families through support of the arts, culture, health, education, and human service programs.

The Nashville Chapter of the National Hook-Up of Black Women was founded in 1978. It was among the first three chapters formed. The purpose of the Nashville Chapter was to embrace the ideals of the national initiative on a local level, with a strong sense of sisterhood and commitment. It is committed to ‘hooking up’ with other organizations striving to empower minorities.

Tennessee state Rep. Brenda Gilmore is the Nashville Chapter president. As with anything she is involved in, her ambassadorship and commitment to the organization and its chapter mission is clear and evident through her personal investment. She is both tireless and passionate about public service, her community and the role women and girls play in both.

The bonds of this vested group were strengthened even more when the Nashville chapter joined other nationwide chapters in New Orleans, La. On April 19-23 for their annual conference. This year’s theme was ‘Taking the Lead – If Not You, Then Who?’ Rep. Gilmore recently shared some exciting news and a praise report about the Nashville chapter.

“We are honored and blessed to have been selected for a national Outstanding Service award by the national president of the NHBW. I am very proud to see our joint team efforts for scholarship fundraising and local memberships to be recognized on this level. Attending the conference were 15 members of the senior chapter and eight members of the NHBW Collegiate Chapter at MTSU,” said Gilmore.

Some of the organization’s collective and targeted goals include:
Create ties across the country through a communications network dedicated to the sharing of skills and knowledge.
Create strategic community-based programs targeting critical issues like domestic violence, health disparities, and educational systems in crisis. Provide positive role models for youth and young women in Nashville and beyond. Provide and establish legislative and political education forums. Encourage family preservation and economic empowerment, career development, and entrepreneurship. Present positive images and achievements within our communities and make more visible our contributions to society.

Other NHBW goals are to affect the community at its source. Hard won achievement comes through the empowerment of local chapters who best define the needs of their communities—also affecting those who can institute programs effectively at the grass- roots level within the scope of NHBW’s national agenda.

NHBW looks forward to enhancing the lives of women and their families in the Nashville community. The meetings are held monthly and additional membership and chapter information can be found by contacting 615-876-3665 or via the NHBW website at <>.