How do you honor your mother?
Read Exodus 20:12

Min. Lois J. Brown

Min. Lois J. Brown

The command to “Honor your mother” is not a suggestion, and there are no exemptions. Her character or effectiveness as a parent is not the issue. God established this guideline for Israel because a respectful home was crucial to their future success as a nation. The same is true for us today. God blesses our homes when we respect our mothers with words, attributes and actions.

If children don’t learn to honor their parents, the disrespect spills over into their adult lives affecting every other relationship. Soon an entire society is plagued with disrespect in homes, schools, and workplaces. This sounds like our generation doesn’t it?

Love your mother unconditionally. We’re called to love our mothers as God does.

Show her compassion, love and forgiveness. Since there are no perfect mothers, at times we’ll have to search our heart’s to find ‘forgiveness for them.’

As you celebrate her this Mother’s Day, tell Mom how much she means to you. Thank her for her supernatural sacrifices that she has made for you throughout the years. But don’t let it end there. Cherish her with gifts or flowers or something that she has wanted. Just remember, nothing is more hurtful for a mother than to feel forgotten by her children on her ‘special day.’

Let your mother know how valuable she is to you, because she is truly a gift from God. Take time to listen attentively to what she has to say to you. And if she is in need of anything, it is your responsibility to see that she has it.

Make it a habit to pray for her daily and contact her regularly.

Children, don’t forget you only get one mother in this lifetime. Honor her and cherish her, so that when God decides to call her home—you won’t have any regrets as to how you honored her.

Does your mother feel loved and honored? What can you do today that will bring a smile to her face?

Father God, thank You for my beloved mother, the late Ida M. Brown, whom I loved cherished and honored. Her parenting skills prepared me for my role becoming a mother and grandmother to my children.

Happy Mother’s Day, mothers!

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