Mother’s Day should be practiced every day

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Mother’s Day is a special man-made day set aside to honor and show our appreciation for the greatest gifts with which God chose to enrich and enhance our lives. It is impossible to come close to expressing or describing the love that recipients feel for their mothers who so unselfishly and unconditionally have given of themselves.

We are forever indebted to the love and sacrifices mothers have made for their children and families. Their love second only to the love God has for us. A mother’s bond with her children and love ones is legendary and unrelenting. Mothers have been the glue and foundation holding families together, especially those absent of a father in the home in their children’s lives.

Their endurance and strength in circumventing hard times to provide for their families is inspirational. They inherently possess the ability to show an array of strengths—often through being the primary provider, manifesting warmth, or utilizing tough love when needed.

Countless are the nights a mother is unable to sleep and it is a mother’s prayers that intercede for many of their children. Taking into account all that a mother means to us, how can one possibly show one’s appreciation or adequately express their love for these God sent vessels?

Flowers are a universal sign and symbol of showing love and no doubt will be abundantly manifested on Mother’s Day. Showering mothers with presents is a common practice, but that seems to be buying into materialism and commercialism. A no-brainer would be flowers with a card. The most significant gift would be spending time with a mother, expressing your love and appreciation over a scrumptious meal.

While most mothers prefer to be taken out, there are some mothers whose greatest joy is having their families together while cooking for them. By now you should begin to understand that the greatest gift for most mothers on Mother’s Day is to be with their loved ones if possible.

One must also acknowledge that mothers are not always women who have birthed children, but are aunts, relatives, mentors, friends, or godmothers who play or have played a loving and pivotal part in a child’s development. These are often substitute mothers offering the warmth, love and perspective that usually only a woman can provide. Their roles as mothers are for the most part just as strong as that of biological mothers.

While it is good to set aside a special day to honor mothers, every opportunity available should be taken to acknowledge one’s appreciation and love for their mother every day. Most mothers await a phone call, visit, or time with their children to reminisce as confirmation that their love is reciprocated. Better yet, when you personally do well, mothers vicariously experience your joy and happiness.

While many children spend excessive amounts of money buying material things to show their love for their mothers, it is usually time with their mothers that is most valued. Spending time with someone and manifesting your love should be a daily practice and not relegated to a specific day. In fact, excelling and being the best person you can be will suffice in honoring many mothers.

During the month of May, many mothers are given an added Mother’s Day celebration with the graduation of their love ones from high schools and colleges. I can attest to this because my oldest son, Steven, graduates from Howard University College of Dentistry on Mother’s Day weekend. It is the ultimate gift he can give his mother.

Mother‘s Day should not be recognized one day a year, but practiced daily making your mother know she is loved. Real love cost nothing, but it is expressed and shown. Being a good productive person and spending time with one’s mother may be the best gifts you can offer her. Mother’s Day should be practiced every day.