Women’s Business Chamber launches

Entrepreneurs, business advocates, advisors, women interested in business and anyone interested in supporting women in business, are encouraged to attend the launching of the first Tennessee Women’s Chamber of Commerce (TNWCC). The launch event will take place on June 12, from 6-9 pm at the East Ivy Mansion, 209 S. 5th Street in Nashville.

Join Kiyona Brown and current members of the Tennessee Women’s Chamber for this networking opportunity as there will be representatives from some of the organizations working with the chamber, a silent auction and many other aspects of business.

The TNWCC was founded by registered lobbyist, Kiyona Brown.  As an entrepreneur, Brown was part of the movement of women-owned businesses that contributed to Nashville being considered the top place in the United States for female-owned businesses. Thus, the TNWCC is an advisory core group for women.

TNWCC is the only women’s chamber in the state of Tennessee. This chamber works to lobby for women by holding programs and creating other events that will build big business, aspire and assist in navigating the state and government requirements, i.e., the Department of Revenue for aspiring businesses and those in business under one year. For those already in business, the chamber has other methods of assistance, such as a business simulator dealing with the things needed to sustain business. It deals with such items as the need to hire more employees, taxes, access of capitol, certifications and more.

The Tennessee Women’s Chamber of Commerce (TNWCC) is designed to create relationships among the government, businesses, and the community to assist women-owned businesses. The organization lobbies for economic opportunity, development, and growth while creating synergistic relationships that allow women to connect to resources, protect our mission, and serve our community.

Through TNWCC programming there will be twelve meetings each year in the form of a breakfast or luncheon, business network mixers, certification labs and business workshops. With this will come mentoring opportunities for aspiring and current entrepreneurs.

“We invite any individuals and organizations who understands and share our passion to address these needs to join one of the fastest growing Chambers of Commerce not to mention the ONLY Women’s Chamber of Commerce in the State of Tennessee,” said Brown.

“However, through this growth, there still remains an undeniable need to increase the amount of government contracts and enhance the accessibility of financing while sustaining the trajectory of growth in the state of Tennessee,” said Brown.

Those attending the event will receive additional perks in regards to what will be included in joining as a member. As a member, one would receive necessary certifications with government and other entities in accordance to the business.

The launch of the Tennessee Women’s Chamber of Commerce will be held at the East Ivy Mansion, 209 S. 5th Street on June 12 from 6-9 pm. For more information, contact K. Brown at kbrown@tnwcc.org or call 615-584-7770.