Creative’s Day still supporting artists

Attorney Amber Buker (r) and Brian Sexton Visionary Crestives' Day Nasville Arts (r). (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Attorney Amber Buker (r) and Brian Sexton Visionary Crestives’ Day Nasville Arts (r). (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Creative’s Day has proven to be a fantastic resource for Nashville area artists in many ways, from the supportive events to the vast array of ‘creatives’ networking with colleagues and like-minded individuals. Creative’s Day is the brainchild of visionary Brian Sexton. But Sexton won’t accept kudos for his input alone. He is a team player to the end. The talented, hard working advocate knows that for anything to be great, the age-old adage of ‘it takes a village’ is heavily applied.

“It’s all a part of cohesive team work, hence the Creative’s Day planning team in effect,” said Sexton.

Creative’s Day is an advocacy support group for creatives in Nashville and surrounding counties that share a sincere desire to protect our thriving art and entertainment community. It includes songwriters, visual artists, makers, film art professionals, creative entrepreneurs, journalists, photographers, dancers, and musicians. It’s an artistic smorgasbord of resources and greatness for the multi-faceted, ever growing artistic community.

The advocacy group has come a long way since the 2016 Creative’s Day kick off and celebration. The group has the staunch support of Nashville’s Mayor Megan Barry—add to that many communities, civic offices and organizations. The artistic community residing in Music City USA’s love for the arts is nurtured tenfold.

The event was filled with inspiring conversation. Makers and creatives from various industries in film, music, visual art, and photography all came together for one day to collaborate, network and problem solve together around the challenges impacting Nashville’s creative community.

Mayor Barry’s Office of Small Business and Creative Economy kicked off Creative’s Day with an inspiring proclamation at Fisk University’s historic Carl Van Vechten Gallery, which was followed up by deep dialogue around the challenges impacting Nashville’s creative community.

Some of the concerns expressed by those in attendance included: Affordable Housing Resources for creatives; Business Plan Writing assistance for creatives; the need for Economic Self-sufficiency within Nashville’s creative community; and an Online Directory of Resources for creatives.

Various creatives were awarded the 2017 ‘Creative on the Rise’ award in different categories. The winners and their categories include: Lily C. Hansen, Journalism category; Tammy O’Connor, Maker category; Matt Kenigson, Maker category; Joshua Lewis, Maker category; Ciona Rouse, Poetry category; Jama Omar-Ali Mohamed, Film Art category; Alyx Walker, Photography/Video category, Mike Floss, Music category; Rashad Tha Poet, Music category; Jason Eskridge, Music category; Kelly Huddleston, Creative Influencer category; Emoni Wilkins, Music category; Michael B. Hicks, Music category; D’Lisha Davis, (Board Favorite) Creative Influencer category; D Jazzy T, Creative Influencer category; Woke 3, Visual Arts category; Jake Elliot, Visual Art category; Kristen Chapman-Gibbons, Creative Influencer category; Omari Booker, Visual Arts category; Katie Wolf, Visual Arts category; Donna Woodley, Visual Art category; and Anasa Troutman, Creative Influencer category.

Each of the aforementioned 2017 category winners are listed on the website, and their contact information can be found there as well. Anyone interested in supporting, joining or following ‘Creative’s Day’ should e-mail the Creative’s’ Day Planning Committee at <>.

The next 2017 Creative’s Day event will be hosted by 2L’s On A Cloud on August 26. The mixer is from 7-10 pm at Nashville’s WKND Hang Suite. To keep up with other Creative’s Day event and opportunities, check out their Facebook page, which is updated on a regular basis: <> or see .