Everything from the Wheelchair Cooking Show

Chef Kenneth Poole

Chef Kenneth Poole

A visit to the Thompson Lane area Goodwill Thrift Store’s weight surplus side may create an opportunity to meet cashier Kenneth Poole. When the shift and venue changes from the Goodwill store to his home, he becomes chef and You Tube personality Kenneth Poole.

Poole is the founder/creator of the unique Everything from the Wheelchair Cooking Show. Of the many reasons Chef Poole began the simple, down to earth and informative cooking show, there are a couple that drive home. After losing his left leg over seven years ago in a horrible accident, he still functions well in society. The experience of being handicapped and wheelchair-bound has prompted him to raise awareness in a positive useful way for those like himself and anyone needing motivation.

Poole says that he sees himself and the show as positive ‘yes we can do it’ type role models. Those on a tight budget are always looking for ways to stretch their resources and make it work for themselves and families.

“I have can teach anyone to prepare and cook just about anything and often for under $1,” said Chef Poole. “Some of the sumptuous budget dishes have included pot roast, salmon and rice, fried cabbage or corn, corn bread and more. I even have a realm of vegetarian dishes for those who seek taste or are extra health conscious.”

Most of us are taught as young children to dream and create freely, and to let each new dream surpass the last one. Kenneth Poole was one of those youngsters who still have dreams and visions for his future.

“I hope to expand my cooking show to reach the masses,” said Poole. “I’d like for it to be a one stop show where other things such as shopping on a budget blends in with my cooking on a budget. I’d like to be in a position to donate as well to places like St. Jude’s Hospital and the disabled veterans. I’d also like to be able to help people who have just returned home from the hospital and could benefit from my teachings. Most of all, I have a dream which can be monumental to helping people like me who have one foot and have to purchase two shoes. It’s about God and his merciful grace, which keeps me focused and serving his people daily. This includes my 11 years of being employed by Goodwill Industries, my cooking show, or anything that the Good Lord blesses me with.”

Poole has also begun work on his first book and is very excited about it. Check out the Everything from the Wheelchair Cooking Show on You Tube and subscribe to it. Poole can be reached at (615) 578-7216.