National Hook Up of Black Women, Nashville Chapter welcomes new president

Incoming President Marilyn Bell and 2nd Vice President Veronica Clark

Incoming President Marilyn Bell and 2nd Vice President Veronica Clark. (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

The Nashville Chapter of the National Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc. held their June meet and greet mixer at the Goodwill Center on Herman St. It was well organized and the spirit of unity was seen and felt by all at the well-attended event. A colorful, tasty, light food fanfare was served and ‘mocktails’ were served with the choice of fresh, summer fruits by new Nashville Chapter President Marilyn Bell.

Bell’s great nephew was visiting from Mississippi, and she is extremely proud of him as he holds a top honor roll position while being at sophomore status.

President Bell was acknowledged as everyone in the room welcomed her with open arms, including outgoing President State Rep. Brenda Gilmore. Professionalism was held to the highest bar, and clean fun and frolic was special for guests too. The latter included a speed dating type of format, and members of the executive board or other experienced members thoroughly shared pertinent information about the organization. Each person quickly took questions before the sound dictating that time was up, and the answer was sounded off.

Incoming President Bell has an extensive ‘people oriented’ background and an amazing interpersonal skill making her right for the job. She said she accepted the position because she wanted to continue to make a difference in the community and the world as a whole.

“When I was a young single mother, my help was limited,” said Bell. “But still God sent earth angels my way. If it weren’t for the women he placed in my two daughters’ and my lives, I don’t know where we would be today. Now, years later my two girls are vested members of society and are awesome and healthy in all aspects—adults with their own beautiful children. I have always given back and see this involvement with NHBW as yet another way to nurture, love and tithe into the lives of others, so they may grow, regain or learn the necessary tools and strengths which will make them be great in whatever path they choose (or have chosen) in this life.”

The Nashville Chapter of the National Hook-Up of Black Women was founded in 1978. It was among the first of three chapters formed. The purpose of the Nashville Chapter was to embrace the ideas of the national initiative on a local level, with a strong sense of sisterhood and commitment. The Nashville Chapter is committed to collaborating with other organizations that strive to empower minorities.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired’ is a quote President Bell borrowed from activist Fannie Lou Hamer. She strongly holds on to her vision to reach more women in Nashville, Tennessee and worldwide.

The next meeting is July 14-15, and the national convention of NHBW is headed to Nashville in 2018. For additional NHBW, Nashville Chapter, information e-mail or see the inclusive website at