1st annual Memorial Kids Day slated for July 9
Eddreka Miller honored

Eddreka Miller

Eddreka Miller

Family friends and the entire community will gather for the ‘biggest cookout’ at the first Eddreka Miller Memorial Kids Day on July 9. Hadley Park will be filled with children and adults to celebrate the birthday and life of Eddreka Miller from 3 pm ‘until.’

The celebration is hosted by Eddreka’s family, Tammy and Dolla Miller. Mr. Dolla wanted to put something together to remember his daughter on her birthday and let kids know that there are still people who love them.

“It has to start in the ‘hood,” said Mr. Dolla. As he speaks about the neighborhood, he wants families and friends to come together and know that people do care about what’s happening to the kids. Dolla extends a heart-felt invitation to those who have lost kids to join him and post those kids’ names on a wall of remembrance. Loved ones are asked to bring pictures of their kids, no matter how they passed.

Eddreka was 22 years old when she died from a car accident on August 28, 2016.

“People used to get together on a Sunday, but didn’t kill nobody,” said Mr. Dolla.

With all of the violence and taking of innocent lives at the hand of people who seem to have no regard for life, he wanted to have something “real nice, like free food, free everything.”

“We always talking about what we gonna do. God is so good to me, and I don’t have everything. But I do my best with what I got,” said Dolla, relating his desire to do something to remember his daughter on her birthday.

Eddreka Miller First Memorial Kids Day will have all of the makings of a great outdoor celebration with free food, music, cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, fun, games and prizes.
To help make it all possible, a special ‘thanks’ is given to the sponsors, Rev. Frank Stevenson, Bishop Marcus Campbell, Seafood Sensations, DJ Troy Stockard, Kenny Clack, Fine Shine Car Wash, SAG Funeral Home, AAA Parties For Kids, Jazzy Sensations and Flava’s Now Serving Off The Bone.

For more information, call Tammy at 615-474-4100 or K. Clack at 615-606-5056.