Are we being duped by our three branches of government?

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Unless you live under a rock, you are aware of the wrongdoings and wrangling taking place in the executive branch of our government, orchestrated by what many see as an untrustworthy and unsavory president. I’m sure I’m not by myself in my inability to see how so many loopholes exist keeping us from securing the truth from prevailing. For the average American point of view, it is basically an open and shut situation when one looks at the evidence of malfeasance we see happening in the highest branches of government.

Putting political party affiliation and loyalty aside, one must be cognizant of the alleged illicit collusions occurring, compromising our elected or appointed leaders integrity and motives. While that may be expected, the indifference to securing justice or punishment for wrongdoing is at a loss.

It seems that if a synergistic approach were taken with all three branches of the government (judicial, legislative, and executive) working together and vested in what was in the best interests of the public—justice would prevail. As it appears now, only the appearance of securing truth/justice is entertained only as a formality to appease the public.

I can only imagine (when all is said and done) that little if any changes will transpire to right the clandestine wrongs that many of our citizens feel are occurring within our executive branch of government under the supervision of President Trump. It leaves many citizens to question the legality and credibility of our branches of government when you have in-house independent investigating committees who seem limited or impervious to obtaining the truth from elected and delegated public figures.

You have those under oath who refuse to answer direct questions, using loopholes provided by our system that for many appear to offer more ways to hide the truth than reveal the truth. The investigations (while televised nationally) only seem to make a mockery of our judicial system.This makes it easy for justice to be denied and the unveiling of truth circumvented. It makes one question if we need to overhaul or amend the policies and practices that were originally put into place, making sure no specific branch of government is abused (or could secure absolute sovereignty)—thus maintaining a balance of power.

As it appears now, the executive branch is operating with little if any true defiance or action from the legislative and judicial branches to honestly address and penalize blatant allegations of malfeasance. It is the opinion of many citizens that these branches are inundated with Republicans loyal to their party, reluctant or oblivious to presenting the truth. There is also the feeling among many liberal citizens that the Democrats in the three branches are not doing enough to address numerous improprieties among chief appointees in this administration.

There is little doubt that political party loyalty has compromised the branches of the federal government, often making them indifferent to what is in the best interests of the very people they are supposed to represent.

The party that controls Congress usually rules with little room for intervention from other branches. Where is the balance necessary to keep a political party in control from enacting unsavory and crippling policies that hurt the majority of the public in the long run?

Regardless of what we have been taught or led to believe, it appears when all is played out that all branches of the government seem to be in collusion. Unfortunately the real losers are the American citizens.

Any judicial safeguards providing special immunity keeping government officials from telling the truth under oath should be unacceptable.
We, as citizens, must demand a change in administrative policies, laws, and practices offering hidden loopholes that may give the appearance of helping or supporting malfeasance by officials in our three branches of government.