Thick and Curvy Enterprise takes it to the bridge

Tina Perry

Tina Perry

Tina Perry is no ordinary entrepreneur. She is a woman on a devout mission. On Sat., August 12, Perry and company will host their first annual ‘Bridge Summer Bazaar.’ The day will include their magazine’s re-launch, an open mic spotlight, vendors and much more. Thick models will strut their stuff down the runway, and all for a good cause. It promises to be much more than a Saturday bazaar and magazine re-launch, as there will be something for everyone.

Society has viewed the modeling industry as ‘walking pixie sticks’ for the most part. Women with a vision, like Tina Perry have surfaced to give those beautiful women of all shapes and sizes ‘14 and up’ a platform. Even with the onslaught of plus-size clothing, shoes that accommodate the ladies with a ‘bit more goodness to share’ and random competitions that pop up from time—there are not enough genuine bases to launch from.

Thinking outside of the proverbial box, Tina even has a one-stop shop arm for ‘thick ‘n curvy’ ladies. Examples include: an onsite professional photography team (to make the model more comfortable); a professional make-up artist; and a hair stylist on call. ‘The Bridge Model Club’ is one of Perry’s brainchildren. Being a plus size cutie herself, Tina Perry more than understands the various stigmas, and ‘ins and outs,’ ‘ups and downs,’ that a plus size woman may encounter. And this is before they enter into the captivating world of beauty and modeling.

A woman of God, staunch entrepreneur and premier businesswoman, Tina Perry and her team work closely and keep the lines of communication open between themselves and the models. She does all possible to assure that woman with a ‘bit more to offer’ feel comfortable—assuring them that they too are beautiful, inside and out.

Having been in front of the lens as a plus size model, Tina knows firsthand some of the uncertainty and random thoughts that go through a model’s (or aspiring model’s) head.

As chief photographer of ‘Dew it Classy Photography,’ she gets to share her first hand knowledge and positive life experiences with models who are wondering ‘should I be here?’

There is still time for new models, vendors and possibly entertainment slots. There is still time to register for photo shoots, get in on the raffle and plan to join in on the fun planned for that day. It all takes place at the Madison, Tenn. based Fifty Forward Station, located at 31 Madison St., starting promptly at 2 pm and running till 6 pm.

The event is an awareness raiser for Domestic Violence (DV) and the ongoing fight against such a monster with no respect for anyone. The number of households touched and affected by DV is still astounding to this day. Tina Perry, ‘Dew it Classy Photography’ and their supporters do all possible to help put an end to the fray, one person at a time.

They have been collecting school supplies to give away to those in need. Donations and contributions of crayons, safe glue, paper, folders, book bags, pens, rulers and ‘all things back to school’ are acceptable and appreciated. For further information call 615-755-7661 or visit;; or e-mail