Bruce Buckner living life after Terre Haute

Author Bruce Buckner holds a copy of his down to earth, cutting edge life after prison book, Living Life in Terre Haute. (photo by D. Culp)

Author Bruce Buckner holds a copy of his down to earth, cutting edge life after prison book, Living Life in Terre Haute. (photo by D. Culp)

On this amazing journey we call life, we as humans are going to make some mistakes and wrong turns. Some a bit more aged than others, and no two are the same. It’s just a fact of life.

Bruce Buckner spent years inside the dull grey existence of Terre Haute Federal Prison for some of his wrong turns. Today he is an entrepreneur and author of the book Living Life in Terre Haute with an entirely new lease on life.

His cutting edge book is already doing well from random sales, and he has assembled a team whose duties are many. But social media and sales are at the top of their list of priorities. He has even factored in a line of ‘Think Positive’ t-shirts and ‘Think Positive’ bumper stickers, items to be worn and posted to prompt everyone to think positively.
“If not already, it’s never too late to start,” said Buckner. “It even states in the Bible that the power of life and death are in the tongue, and as we think, we act it out. So think positive, people.”

The purpose of the book is for Bruce to share his real life experiences and story with the countless young men in the reading audience. Hoping that once they read his book, they won’t take the same shameful and graphic trip he took.

He highlights the myriad reasons he lost his precious freedom, asserting that losing parts of your life is so unnecessary. He admonishes young men to stay out of trouble and not to do anything foolish, which can lead to prison and cause one to be taken away from loved ones. Being sent to prison, you leave family, friends and even colleagues behind. In the cases where the convicted person (male or female) is fortunate enough to have support while doing prison time, it helps but there is nothing like living in the free world.

Those who ‘do the time’ (the convicted prisoner) do it in installments, and it’s often quite painful for both parties—be it through on site visitations, letter correspondence or monetary support. There is nothing like freedom.

Prison is an industry in itself, generating money, services and goods. ‘Money on the books’ (sent to inmates from the outside) is used for the prison commissary and other items or situations requiring money—including legal and attorney fees, such as court costs or document retrieval. Some prisons allow the prisoners to wear their own clothing items, known in ‘prison talk’ as ‘free-world clothing.’

Let’s not forget that those who end up incarcerated often leave children to care for behind. To further prevent them from going into a home or the foster care system, family members on the outside (in the free world) take custody of the prisoners’ minor children. Some children are lucky enough to have one of their parents who is still enjoying freedom care for them. It’s just another painful reminder that life’s changing responsibilities can be placed onto others because of the inmate’s poor judgment, which landed them in prison.

Buckner stated that his sole reason for writing the book Living Life in Terre Haute was to detour others (especially young men) from ending up in prison.

“A cell is nowhere to be and, prison is definitely nowhere to be somebody,” said Buckner. “Hopefully my book will land into hands that utilize its no nonsense, gut level sometime raw content to stay out of those places. Life is way too valuable to throw away over anything that will have it taken away from you. Not everyone that goes to prison gets out and is granted another chance to get it right and help to change the lives of others. I did and I’m grateful.”

When asked how he has managed to put it all behind him and continue moving forward, Bruce replied: “I have to keep it moving in the right direction, for myself and my two beautiful daughters. I’m pleading with my readers, confirmed potentials, to wake up now, take notice and stop the madness. The crib to the prison pipeline continues to thrive, but you do not have to be a part of it.”