Edwin N. Feagins, Sr. — from a dad’s prospective

Author Edwin N. Feagins, Sr. and his wife, Dr. Shinda-na Feagins

Author Edwin N. Feagins, Sr. and his wife, Dr. Shindana Feagins. (courtesy photo)

Edwin N. Feagins, Sr. is a father who practices ‘hands on’ in-your-face fatherhood measures. Derived from his life experiences, wisdom and love, he recently penned a book about fatherhood and the importance of it. I Wouldn’t Lead You Wrong – Life from a Dad’s Perspective is a heartfelt but strong, easy read. His three beautiful children help to keep him grounded and engaged.

“I keep God first in everything, my role of being a father, who is there for my children and participating in their lives, is a very important role, which I take seriously,” he proudly said.

Right from the start, he dedicates the book and its contents to the children who inspired him to take pen in hand. Edwin, Jr. Sabria and Edgerin share a tight bond with their father as well.

The book draws on lessons learned in life and from the absence of his father, like many other men. It’s also a catalyst to help other fathers to get in touch with their feelings about fatherhood or the lack of it. It’s a tool to help others lay the groundwork for strong and interactive relationships with their children.

“It’s a discussion starter and reinforcement resource to help readers reinforce what they learned from their own fathers or what they already believe,” said Feagins.

From the acknowledgement page to the last paragraph, I Wouldn’t Lead you Wrong – Life from a Dad’s Perspective is sure to keep readers engaged.

There are 23 individual chapters that address a well-rounded, full realm of life on life’s own terms. After the introduction, dedication and acknowledgments the flow begins with ‘God,’ followed by ‘Love,’ ‘Church,’ ‘Music,’ ‘Knowing Myself,’ ‘Being a Man of Color,’ ‘Fraternities and Sororities’ to ‘Family.’ The chapters keep the pages turning with ‘Friends,’ ‘Dating,’ ‘Marriage,’ ‘Divorce,’ ‘Fathers,’ ‘Drugs,’ ‘Death,’ ‘Careers’ and ‘Sports.’ Feagins merely touches on each of the subject matters in each chapter, and they each are all important and factual. More coverage continues with ‘Money,’ ‘Serving Others,’ ‘Politics,’ ‘The Police’ and the ‘Criminal Justice System,’ and ‘Back to God.’ The chapters close out with ‘About the Author.’

Of course there is no book that can teach the ABC’s of fatherhood, and the author knew this from the start. He shares a small sample of trusted advice, personal experience and professional opinions infused into well thought out content. Feagins is originally from Detroit, Michigan and is now a proud Nashville resident who graduated from Tennessee State University with a degree in architectural engineering. He is also a multi-faceted entrepreneur who has established many businesses over the years and supports his wife Shindana Feagins, M.D.’s thriving medical practice.

If readers draw nothing else from the over 100 pages within the remarkably illustrated covers, it won’t take long for them to see that this man is committed to his family and loves his precious children with every fiber in his being. For more information, visit www.feaginsbooks.com.