Local ministers speak on mental health & faith

(top l-r) Pastor Enoch Fuzz, Angela Shine (bottom l-r) Pastor McDonald, and Elder Duke (photos by Wanda Clay)

(top l-r) Pastor Enoch Fuzz, Angela Shine (bottom l-r) Pastor McDonald, and Elder Duke (photos by Wanda Clay)

Members of the community gathered at The Church of the Messiah, 88 Lafayette Street for a taping concerning mental health on July 18. Several ministers were on the roster to speak on the Misperceptions of Mental Health and Faith in the 21st Century.

Radical Inc., has a mission to serve as a nationwide network to promote mental health awareness and address social issues by supporting community organizations with resources, strategies and research. ‘Lifelong Solutions for a Mentally Healthy America’ is the organization’s vision as it seeks to collectively work with communities, faith organizations, and other stakeholders on the local, state and national levels.

Angela L. Shine serves as the director of the mental health division of the National Faith-Based Mobilization Network, an ecumenical collaboration of faith-based organizations, community partners and interested citizens committed to creating health equity. She is also the founder and host of Radical, Inc.

The program will air and feature the messages on mental illness through the voices of the following ministers: Dr. Williamson, Rev. Enoch Fuzz, Bishop Kenneth Dupree, Rev. Judy Johnson, Rev. Stevenson, Rev. McDonald, Elder Duke, and Rev. Stockdale. The host pastor of The Church of the Messiah is Rev. Bryan Williams.

Each member of clergy gave insight at the meeting on the effects of mental illness as it relates to the community. They discussed the facts that “we have all experienced mental illness in our families”; “when we were younger, it was said that a person ‘ain’t right’; or they need to just keep the facts about the situation ‘quiet.’”

It is indeed now time to make these ‘situations’ known so that our loved ones can receive the proper help and care that is deserved for any disease.

Also participating in the taping were the Free Spirit Singers, Tia Mitchell and Alton Gibson and guests.

For more information regarding Mental Health & Faith, visit or e-mail <info@radicalinc.org>.