Nashville Neighborhoods Celebration planning well underway

Nashville Neighborhoods Celebration planning committee. (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Nashville Neighborhoods Celebration planning committee. (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Nashville is the proud lady known to many as Music City USA, and one hosting a great deal of unity. Much of the city’s unification stems from dedication and love for community.

The 2017 Nashville Neighborhoods Celebration planning committee is comprised of several, vested hearts and minds pulling the major event together. Several professionals and grass root individuals alike make up the committee, but the call for volunteers remains open. The Celebration Host Committee met at the Metro Center based Neighborhoods Resource Center (NRC) on July 24. This year’s event will be held in the North Nashville area at Elizabeth Park and the encompassing areas. Both planners and residents are very excited about this endeavor including the current committee president, Tanya Bond-Sherrell.

The NRC Core staff consists of Executive Director Jim Hawk; Leadership Development Specialist Valeri Otey-Nellis; and Development Coordinator Trish Frantz.

It was a successful planning meeting as members of the celebration host committee presented information and addressed matters pertinent to the event’s success. Some of the agenda items included: overall event review, booklet and map handouts, and the importance of partnership overall.

Key questions were addressed, like: How does the committee engage the larger North Nashville area, and how to engage the Elizabeth Park neighbors? These were just a couple of the questions posed to provoke thought and to obtain workable solutions. The to-do list was anything but short for the large event ahead; however, the focused meeting attendees tackled it in parts.

Attendees included executives from the private and public sector, nonprofit organizations and supportive concerned citizens. Each brought their heartfelt concern and energy to the proverbial table. Indeed the spirit of how-to, we-can and sheer-togetherness filled the productive conference room.

Agenda items included Jim Hawk breaking down and explaining the various areas on the event map. Questions and answers on matters like porta-potty and parking locations were addressed, as well as staying in communication with all facets of leadership and the residents of 11th Avenue, Arthur and Jane street residents—as well as how to get more people involved with the project.

Planning meeting committee members took professional photographs that will be selected for the forthcoming website and set a date for a group shot. All presenters posed questions from the group, and each question was promptly answered. A valuable blend of ideas were put forth and discussed, after which a light, tasty summer lunch consisting of fresh fruits, sandwiches, cookies, potato chip products and bottled water was served.

Once everything was addressed and all questions or concerns had been satisfied, a group photograph was taken and other relevant dates were set or reconfirmed. For additional information about the Saturday, September 30, celebration event or the organization in general, see the website at <> or contact Valeri Otey-Nellis, Leadership Development Specialist at 615-782-8212.