#BeautyNIC I Just Got My Hair Did Team receives state proclamation

I Just Got My Hair Did #BeautyNic Team: Tanya Davis, Yolanda ‘Yolo-B’ Beech and Chris Bond with Tenn. Rep. Brenda Gilmore. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

I Just Got My Hair Did #BeautyNic Team: Tanya Davis, Yolanda ‘Yolo-B’ Beech and Chris Bond with Tenn. Rep. Brenda Gilmore. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

It was a sweltering hot day at Nashville’s beautiful West End based Centennial Park, but no one seemed to care. The inaugural #BeautyNIC I Just Got My Hair Did 92Q radio/Bounce TV Team of Tanya Davis, Yolanda ‘Yolo-B’ Beech and Chris Bond received a prestigious honor from Tenn. state Rep. Brenda Gilmore, a state proclamation. Rep. Gilmore also announced that this successful event was their special day and gave them high praise for the event.

The #BeautyNIC was a family oriented event created to acknowledge beauty industry professionals—a day of rest for those who work tirelessly to keep everyone else coiffed, trimmed, cut, polished and looking their best year round. These beauty industry professionals have dedicated their time and resources in the areas of hair, nails, training and other resources to the public.

Not many can say that their life at some point has involved (or for the loved ones of those who have passed away) hasn’t been touched in some way by these talented industry professionals. Some even go the extra mile and travel to the homes of clients, hospitals, nursing and funeral homes to share their specific skills sets.

This was not just any day of rest and recognition. It was a special day, which officially began at 11 am and ended at 6 pm with much dedication and behind the scenes planning. A great deal of it was unknown to the bulk of the crowd.

There was an amazing car show; equally amazing bike show; an array of sumptuous foods via food trucks and food vendors; face painting; bouncy houses and games for the kids; fun contests; dance-offs; and some of the finest entertainment that Music City could muster. Captivated audiences enjoyed Gospel, NEO Soul, Jazz, poetry, R&B and of course, some music with an old school flavor.

It was a Sunday to remember as the crowd moved in and grew larger to eventually fill the area. The heat was not a major factor as the cold drinks, sweet treats and complimentary cold bottles of water helped the guests cope with the July temperature.

As the event came to a close, it seemed that no one wanted to leave the event or the park. The grateful #BeautyNIC I Just Got My Hair Did Team thanked all of the sponsors, vendors and of course the people who came out to help make it all possible.

Special thanks were given to the volunteers and to Rep. Gilmore for one of the highest honors one can receive, a Tennessee state proclamation. Someone overheard the team say: “Once we get rested up, let’s get started on #BeautyNIC 2018″.