Old School BBQ Festival coming soon

Two of the artists for the Labor Day weekend line up: R&B artists Al B. Sure (left) and Club Noveau (right). (photos: John Smith Marketing)

Two of the artists for the Labor Day weekend line up: R&B artists Al B. Sure (left) and Club Noveau (right). (photos: John Smith Marketing)

Labor Day weekend is officially the last holiday of the summer and often anticipates maximum fun events. Nashville will be one of the places to be this Labor Day as September 3 marks the date for the forth-annual Old School BBQ Festival. When the event opens that Sunday, September 3, Nashville’s Riverfront Park will be all the rave, with first class entertainment onboard for all. The event begins at 2 pm, with safe, fun entertainment and festival type fanfare continuing well into the day.

An ‘old school’ flavor will be in full effect and enjoyed by all. The entertainment lineup for this year includes the old school music sounds of Club Noveau, Al B. Sure, Musiq Soul Child, Klymaxx, Silkk the Shocker, 69 Boyz, Jon B., Joe Cooley, Rodney O and others.

The purpose of promoting the forth annual Old School BBQ Festival is to present national award winning, good entertainment with low-ticket prices. Such a major event will guarantee an audience that allows John Smith Marketing Team to introduce quality entertainment for a favorable crowd, enhancing the city as a whole.

With operating expenses in excess of $100,000 per event, the success of the Old School BBQ Festival is dependent on sponsors, media partners, donations and the sale of concessions.

The Labor Day Old School BBQ Festival is an inviting and multi-faceted, exciting event highlighting the aroma of traditional and various types soul food cooking, bringing families and friends together in an outdoor social setting.

As Music City USA, Nashville has launched talent from our capitol city throughout the mid-state and the entire world. It’s the perfect place, time and date to showcase this genre of music. John Smith Marketing is considered to be a household name and a trusted source of quality on point productions.

The forth-annual Old School BBQ Festival on Labor Day weekend promises to bring joy and happiness to the city on many levels in an event, which will be hailed in the media for being a safe, fun, and captivating event. It’s sure to be one that will help wrap up the fullness of summer and provide fun in an explosion of joy.

For additional information or to participate, contact John Smith or the John Smith Marketing team at (615) 573-5536; or www.johnsmithmarketing.com.