Beauty Behind Bars 2017 Nashville tour stop has landed

Tiffany Love Harden and Mr Ahmad Rashad Harden

Founder/CEO of ‘Once in a Wifetime,’ Tiffany Love Harden and founder of ‘Boxes and Blessings’ Ahmad Rashad Harden. (photo: D. Culp)

Once again, visionary founder/CEO Tiffany Love Harden and her equally talented husband, Ahmad Rashad Harden, are counting the days and waiting in anticipation. On Saturday August 12, an un-disclosed number of pre-paid ticket holders will once again fill the Vanderbilt Student Life Student Center. They will join those who were fortunate enough to secure a donated or sponsored admission ticket for the Music City U.S.A. tour stop of Beauty Behind Bars, a non-profit 501(c)3 umbrella organization. The venue is centrally located at 310 25th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37212. Conference host Tiffany Love-Harden is also known as the ‘spiritual bail bondswoman.’ This is due in part to her successful reign with assisting others with freeing themselves from all types of earthly bondage and strife.

This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Juanita Bynum. Her use of God’s gifts and talents are many, including: Psalmist; author; sought after minister/praise and worship leader; life coach; and more. The ‘A-list,’ powerful Nashville speaker lineup includes: Danielle McCord, Mignon Francois, Donzaleigh Powell, Rev. Judy Johnson, Sharon Edwards, and Marley Richiez. Admission for the women’s conference is $30, and both sides offer Beauty Behind Bars products.

Just when the conference interest level reached an amazing point of no return anticipation, more was revealed. The award winning nationally renowned and recognized Tennessee Mass Choir will be on hand for special performances, ministering in Gospel music. This Beauty Behind Bars event comes to Nashville to benefit the city and surrounding counties. Other Beauty Behind Bars events are hosted around the country and negotiations are underway to include other countries.

Co-host Ahmad Rashad Harden is the founder of ‘Boxes and Blessings’ as well as a lyricist and entrepreneur. His valuable conference theme for 2017 is ‘MANificent Living with a Greater Purpose.’ Harden and his mighty men of icons and leaders conference will be hosted simultaneously at the same venue, on another side.

The men’s amazing line up of blessed and noted speakers includes a keynote address from Tyron Carter. Panelist speakers include: author and media talk show personality Aaron Jordan, Jr.; media personality Elder ‘X-Man’ Xuam Lawson; and Ed Wisdom. Men’s event admission is $10 for the day.

Beauty Behind Bars helps women/girls break away from mental incarceration and self imprisonment of domestic violence; human trafficking; low self-esteem; doubt; depression; suicide; and dream killing. The conference teaches accountability; how to pick up the pieces and press forward; how to accomplish dreams/goals; saying goodbye to negativity or bad relationships; and the importance of loving self from the inside out.

Tennessee was recently named as a state with an increase in domestic violence and quickly climbing into the top 10 statistics in human trafficking. Due to alarming and increasing domestic violence and human trafficking, statistics in the state of Tennessee, this conference is being hosted to teach innovative methods of importance in getting help, and how to identify when you are mentally incarcerated, self-imprisoned, or in unhealthy relationships/domestic violence situations.

“Time is of the utmost essence for all of us in life, and no matter who you are your life revolves around time,” said Tiffany Harden. “Everyday has 86,400 seconds. How will you use yours? A made up bed is a made up mind.”

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