Community forum on Nashville policing slated for August 31

‘Driving While Black: A Report on Racial Profiling in Metro Nashville Police Department Traffic Stops’ will be discussed on August 31 at Clark Memorial United Methodist Church, 1014 14th Ave. N. at 6 pm.

Gideon’s Army and those working on Vanderbilt’s Truth and Reconciliation Project will be at Clark UMC at 6 pm to answer questions regarding the report, their advocacy for justice, as well as other information affecting their organization.

Youth, children, adults, seniors and the general public are invited to participate in the sharing and discussion of the report. ‘Driving While Black: A Report on Racial Profiling in Metro Nashville Police Department Traffic Stops’ is a project by Gideon’s Army in collaboration with Nashville community organizations and leaders.

In October 2016, Gideon’s Army published a groundbreaking study of traffic stops conducted by Nashville police.

Their analysis and study provided factual data to what communities of color in Nashville have long experienced ‘while driving Black’ in Nashville.

A unique series of risks, vulnerabilities, and dangers are constituted at the hands of the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) that White drivers do not experience in the same way.

While there is a plethora of organizations also working to advocate for justice, it is always a plus for the public to come together in a variety of creative methods to share information with one another as they go about with their independent ‘works’ to ensure that justice is served for all citizens in Davidson County and Metropolitan Nashville.

Gideon’s Army and Vanderbilt Divinity School give persons of faith an opportunity to learn the challenges that communities of color face when interacting with law enforcement, and how all individuals and organizations can advocate and pursue justice.

The event is sponsored by LEAF (Live Empower Act Faith: “always green,” Jeremiah 17:8), an organization formed of two churches, Clark Memorial United Methodist Church and Blakemore United Methodist Church, in an effort to learn, understand and advocate for justice and equality of all people.

For further information, contact the church office at 615-329-4464 or visit or < United/>.

Clark Memorial UMC is located at 1014 14th Ave North where the senior pastor is Rev. Dr. Herbert L. Lester, Jr.