Mt. Lebanon celebrates 154 years of ministry

It is time, once again, for the members, family and friends of Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church to come together in celebration. On Sunday, August 20, Mt. Lebanon will celebrate 154 years of ministry at 222 Franklin Lime Stone Road in Antioch, Tennessee.

The celebration will consist of two worship services. The morning service will be held at 11 am with Rev. J.J. Green delivering the day’s message. Immediately following, dinner will be served. Following dinner, everyone will return to the sanctuary at 2 pm to conclude the day of worship and celebration of 154 years of ministry with guest speaker Rev. Herman Stockdale of Kayne Avenue MBC.

The chosen theme for this day, ‘We’ve Come This Far by Faith,’ is quite befitting such an occasion.
“We are very happy to carry out the service of ministry here in this spot for so many years,” said Rev. James J. Green, pastor. “It means a lot to have dedicated members and supporters that will celebrate such a milestone in ministry, especially today,” as he noted the idea that so many churches are closing their doors for a variety of reasons.

Rev. Green often reminds his parishioners that being a Christian in today’s society is held up by “our walk in faith.”

Green said: “It is faith that keeps us going and expecting to continue living in God’s grace.”

Over the years, Mt. Lebanon continues to strive to provide a variety of programs that provide education for youth through an after school-tutoring program. Mt. Lebanon also provides assistance to those in search of employment by providing Job Notices and tools to assist in completing applications, information on interviewing, and obtaining and maintaining gainful employment.

Mt. Lebanon is located in the Una area near Antioch at 222 Franklin Lime Stone Rd., where the pastor is

Rev. James J. Green. Neighbors are invited to come out and celebrate this day, as they are welcomed to visit at any time the doors are open.

For more information, call 615-366-1568.