Invictus Ministries to minister to Kelly Miller Smith Tower residents

Men of Standard (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

Men of Standard (photo by Deborah A. Culp)

If the coming Invictus Ministry visits will be anything like the recent launch visit, it will continue to be a well-received and blessed venture.

Invictus Ministries will be ministering to the residents of North Nashville’s Kelly Miller Smith Tower Apartments (KMST) every Sunday at 2 pm, CDT. The services will take place in the building’s Community Room.

Led by Min. Margaret Dabney, Invictus Ministries has a heart and a vision to go where God leads them—where they are needed the most, and the ministry is one without airs or lofty expectations. It is a come-as-you-are, loving grassroots style of ministry that reaches people where they are in life.

Min. Dabney and her team chose to utilize a 2 pm time slot to start. This will give those who normally attend earlier, traditional, church services an opportunity to attend Invictus Ministry service. It has also proven to be a time slot that works well with the residents.

Dabney and this ministry have been blessed with great support and are still open to more, for future endeavors. At the recent Kelly Miller Smith Towers Invictus Ministry, a new level of unparalleled joy, grace and mercy was evident.

Invictus has also received the support of another remarkable, grass roots ministry, ‘Men on a Mission.’

Men on a Mission is a quartet group of male vocalists who share more than one common bond, with the fist one being their undivided love for the Lord and the gifts he has granted them. The gentlemen possess voices honed by grace and mercy and their own uniqueness.

They formed the group while doing time together in prison and vowed to keep it going, serving God’s people through their gifts.

That Sunday, ‘Men on a Mission’ was supported by Min. Dabney; Lady Earline Tucker; Ronald Bond; Willie Bond; Robert Williams;’ and Quadrell ‘Drey’ Johnson on the keyboard. Founders of Men on a Mission include Willie Murphy; Jarvis Shropshire; DeMarcus Foster; Robert Williams; and Ronald Bond. Jarvis previously passed away from prostate cancer.

These amazing crooners for God met and formed the group in the Wayne County Correctional Facility for Men in 2008 in south central Tenn.
Ronald said he realized years ago that he needed to turn his life over to God and so did the others. Their agreement on that alone and their love for singing God’s praises got them permission to form the group. The response was great and the group gratefully took off—this time in a more positive direction.”

They decided to keep the group together once they we released. Ronald was released first and they ended up living and harmonizing in a transition house facilitated by Ms. Jana Cope.

She saw something in them and began investing time and money into them. This included their equipment, microphone stands and whatever she could afford. Jana later passed away from natural causes. Cope’s unconditional support and love from God made her a true earth angel. She was indeed a shot in the arm for the group. Their story is vast and captivating, and as they move into each chapter of their professional and personal lives, they continue to lean on God and humbly thank him for everything.

So far they have performed in various churches across Middle Tennessee and in other states as well. They are looking forward to spending more time with each other strengthening their spiritual bonds and the group dynamics as a whole. Bond commented that each of the group members can carry a service alone to its fullest capacity—in song, preaching and Christian leadership development. With a motto like ‘Sharing the Joy of the Lord through Word and Song,’ it is easy to see how this can be so.

Min. Dabney’s invitation is simple and welcoming: “Come worship with us. We have a seat waiting for you.”

Ronald Bond and ‘Men on a Mission’ can be reached at 615-397-5475. Min. Dabney can be reached at 615-474-4987.