A white elephant in the room exposed

William T. Robinson, Jr.

William T. Robinson, Jr.

There is no way that anyone with any sense of decency and truth can deny what is so apparent in the actions of President Donald Trump. He has truly displayed to anyone interested in truth and justice his true motives and where he really stands.

President Trump has openly refused to denounce and dissociate himself from White nationalists, neo-Nazis, the KKK and Alt Right groups by finding ways to rationalize their actions in recent protest rallies. His statement that there are good people on both sides and that each side is equally responsible for the violence occurring in Charlottesville, Virginia (where Heather Heyer was killed and 19 protesters hurt) is highly contentious. Acknowledging each group as equally responsible in contributing to the violence during the rally is ludicrous. One group represented protestors advocating for the removal of statues representing hate, slavery, and White supremacy—while the other group blatantly supported these ‘artistic vestiges’ of unadulterated hate and White supremacy.

What so many people find interesting is the number of people, basically Republicans, finding ways to make excuses for the president, giving their personal view of what they think he really meant to say. It is no secret that Donald Trump manifests signs of an egoist and a megalomaniac. This may be why he surrounds himself with people he feels loyal to him, regardless of the questionable statements he makes or the political positions he takes.

No one is perfect and everyone is entitled to be erroneous from time to time, but the president has exceeded his limit, manifesting that he is incompetent in leading this country. When is enough, enough? One can only conclude that those diehard Republicans still advocating for Donald Trump either identify with what he is doing—or lack the moral fiber to disassociate themselves due to party loyalty. This is so sad because the average American citizens are the main victims being manipulated and exploited.

At this point, we all know who the real Donald Trump is. No number of writers on his staff can vindicate him with bogus speeches trying to resurrect his integrity. It is only insulting to Americans when people take up for the president when the he has shown time after time a propensity for being mendacious. Regardless of how you would like for it to be, it is what it is. His diehard supporters are doing themselves a great injustice by rationalizing or acquiescing on his behalf.

Kudos to those in the Republican Party with the moral consciousness and respect for the American people to denounce and disassociate them from what so many Americans see as the white elephant in the room. Supporting a person that you know is wrong is only acting as an enabler and does not help the person. How many more signs of outright incompetency must occur before the elephant does irreparable damage?

Hate groups (his most avid supporters) laud him as their biggest ally, literally leading one to believe he secretly caters to their values, goals and concerns. Make no mistake: White nationalists see him as the catalyst to ‘Make America Great Again,’ although they really mean ‘Let’s Make America White Again.’

I don’t take pride in lambasting our president, but because I love and have a dream of what this country can truly be, I feel compelled to speak out. Whatever your political party of affiliation, do not let it rob you of your moral compass to do what you know is right and in the best interests of all Americans. Advocating for the president when you know he is wrong does not serve anyone, unless you truly concur or identify with what he is doing or saying. What you allow or accept says a lot about who you are.

As it stands now, Republican Sen. Bob Corker is to be applauded for his stance, questioning Donald Trump’s competency and stability in leading this country. Sometimes one needs to know when to speak out against someone who appears to be detrimental to the welfare of the country. Thanks Sen. Corker and the handful of Republicans acknowledging the elephant in the room.