Introducing the only Father of Rappino, Jamal Dotson

Jamal ‘JaeFriz’ Dotson, Father of Rappino. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

Jamal ‘JaeFriz’ Dotson, Father of Rappino. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

Jamal ‘JaeFriz’ Dotson has accomplished many great things at a young age. One is slated to be the topic for years to come. He is the only ‘Father of Rappino,’ the latter word derived from the combination of two words: ‘rap’ and ‘piano.’ Known to many as just ‘JaeFriz’ (or even the FrizzMaster), Dotson is a professionally trained accomplished musician (piano and saxophone). He is ‘cool’ with seeing himself as the ‘Father of Rappino.’

He even dabbles in Rap music, and his creativity formed the title of his craft. He believes that it was time to launch this genre, believing the world is ready to transcend into another extension of music entertainment: the combination of Rap and his piano playing, equaling ‘Rappino.’ He and his management and publicity team are gearing up to announce his new album, Creation, featuring the songs ‘Through the Stars’ and ‘Apology.’ ‘Apology’ is a song that addresses the mixed assets of a two-person relationship and issues within the relationship.

Dotson is a solid musician and artist dabbling in both Rap and Rappino. It is recommended to keep an open mind and open listening ear when hearing Rappino. It’s an amazingly interesting fusion that will surprise the listener. Not everything is for everyone, but this is a category that has crossed age lines and music boundaries. Often anything with the word ‘Rap’ refers to harder images of the artist/entertainer. However, this kind spirited, personable, handsome talented young twenty-something professional has many accomplishments. Dotson is a recent graduate of Tennessee State University with a B.S. degree in music with a concentration in commercial music technology. It’s another thing that makes his parents proud of their second child and baby boy Jamal.

Dotson believes that not only is the world ready for Rappino, it will influence people worldwide. He thinks everyone will gravitate towards it, and practically everyone will want to be a part of it somehow.

JaeFriz has a charitable heart and gives back to the community whenever time and opportunity permit. Already he has performed twice at the annual African American Festival in Nashville, as well as private charitable mixers for local, successful entrepreneurs and at the inaugural ‘#BeautyNIC.’

He is involved with a program for the city of Nashville, the THRIVE Metro Arts program: a high profile program that will bring even more positive light to the mid-state icon. The THRIVE Metro Arts program is intended to help the homeless population.

THRIVE is a micro-funding program designed to build, strengthen and cultivate communities in Nashville and Davidson County by supporting artist-led projects that encourage artistic and cultural experiences, community investment, and neighborhood transformation.

The program concept hails from an artistic idea, plus community engagement and participation. It’s new art and innovation meeting neighborhood transformation, so that Nashville THRIVES.

“I just want to remain a positive influence, a strong leader who is known for provoking positive change and continues to make a difference in the community and the world at large,” Dotson said when asked where he see himself in the future. “Perhaps even become a household name for creative and positive reasons.”

JaeFriz, a.k.a., the Father of Rappino, stays in touch with his followers via social media:
user/JaeFriz; and Twitter: @Jaefrizmusic