Raheem ‘Tha Dream’ Holt living the dream

Raheem ‘Tha Dream’ Holt

Raheem ‘Tha Dream’ Holt

Raheem ‘Tha Dream’ Holt is a talented young man who has already exceeded expectations in his young, productive life. He is a Nashville based radio host, producer, actor, talent coach, industry motivation speaker and more. Those meeting Raheem for the first time are generally blown away or caught off guard—all due to the staunch enthusiasm and proverbial kick-the-door-in style of greeting his public. It’s no general ‘hello’ by any means. His voice is an extension of his upbeat, burst-into-amazing flames personality. To say that Raheem is unique would be putting it lightly, indeed.

His middle name/handle ‘Tha Dream’ could be a dead giveaway, but first it must be understood. When asked why ‘Tha Dream’ Raheem, he humbly said that ever since he was a little boy he knew that all dreams could come true with hard work and dedication. From childhood to manhood, he is living that dream and headed towards even bigger dreams.”

Born in Pulaski, Tenn., he later relocated to Nashville and began his next phase of life. It wasn’t easy but he kept it moving ahead through failed jobs and career opportunities. He knew that this wasn’t the last stop on ‘his tour’ by means. He caught his first break in the entertainment industry from a gentleman named C.J. Bryant, owner of ‘Keep It Going Productions.’

His career has spanned across many diverse areas and is still going strong. He was nominated and won the prestigious ‘Thompson-Music City Hitmaker’ award, as well as the 2017 Greater Nashville Hospitality Association Stars of the Industry award, recognizing the best and brightest stars in the hospitality industry.

Raheem is an up and coming actor/comedian/host with a lot of ambition, passion, energy, and an outstanding personality as well as a strong resemblance to celebrity comedian/actor Kevin Hart. Ever since moving to Nashville, he has accomplished a lot of great things independently. His skit ‘I Got Robbed’ went viral, hitting 4.5 million views across multiple platforms.

He’s also made appearances on commercials and television shows aired on ABC, NBC, FOX, and others. Raheem has been featured live on the Dudley and Bob radio show in Austin, Texas; impersonating Kevin Hart for a prank call. He also has his very own radio show on 1470AM, Wee Battle,’ which is a show aired live interviewing local artists and other businesses.

Outside of the entertainment world, he is considered to be a great community leader in his hometown, Nashville. Raheem is a part of a group called ‘Above Average,’ an organization of young men and women giving back to the community and spreading the message that no one goes through life wanting to be average. Mentors teach the kids that anything is possible in life and to be ‘above average.’

Multi-tasking, Raheem currently works for two hotels, including: the Omni Hotel and the Thompson Hotel.

His favorite comedians are Kevin Hart, Steve Harvey, Chris Rock, Dave Chapels, and Richard Pryor, while looking up to other influencers and motivational speakers such as Grant Cardone, Eric Thomas, and Gary Vaynerchuk and Les Miles. At the age of 24, Raheem is a young comedy icon on the path of a seriously bright future. Raheem ‘Tha Dream’ Holt is definitely one to watch.