Rising to the cause

William T

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Once again the citizens of this great country have come together and put aside their differences to rally on behalf of the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Houston and outlining areas. The support and love generated and demonstrated in offering supplies,financial assistance, time, services and prayers is phenomenal and serves as a reminder of the ability and spirit of people to come together in times of disaster and turmoil to help their fellow man.

The numerous acts of mercy, kindness and heroism are representative of the courageous and thoughtful people making up this country. Entertainers, athletes, and thespians donating and using their celebrity status to ask people to donate have been extremely helpful—as well as unselfish. The countless prayers and generous donations from common working people have been inspiring, as well as artists and communities sponsoring telethons on behalf of the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Time and time again, the citizens of this country have come together in unity to offer a helping hand to their fellow neighbors in dire need. Hurricane Harvey is no exception. One can only conclude when one of us is hurt, we all hurt. Regardless of pending differences that may exist, love and empathy have a tendency to prevail.

The beauty that may arise from such a tragedy is that we realize that when all is said and done, we are family and we are here for each other.

I can only assume that those involved in offering help are guided by an inherent spiritual force compelling them to do what they know is right. Whether offering money, supplies, services, or volunteering their time, or holding those involved in prayers, it shows we are unselfishly willing to use our talents and gifts to benefit someone other than ourselves.

Our humanity is our commonality making us one. The emergency first responding agencies and volunteers putting their own lives in danger’s way to help rescue and save others personified unselfishness at its best. All too often, we act on our instincts to help others without realizing the danger to ourselves.

Time after time during disasters such as 9/11 and hurricanes like Andrew, Rita, Katrina, and Sandy, numerous communities making up this country have unified into action, doing whatever they could to help pick up the pieces. That includes people of different races, religions, sexes, political differences, and social and economic status who put their differences aside to combat a common disaster.

While people may have different and strong personal perspectives on social and political views, whether right or wrong, the need to come together to help those suffering and in need seems to supersede our differences. It seems if we are able to come together to help our neighbors when it really counts, we could use that same love and energy to combat the divisive issues that are polarizing us as a nation.

The fallout from Hurricane Harvey will take years to overcome, but we can all recall the unity and love that was manifested in the midst of this disaster. Isn’t it ironic how disasters have a way of bringing opposing or contentious forces together? America and the world have shown time and time again, that times of need, bring out the best in people.