Karla (KB) Burnett Nashville’s own Social Butterfly


Karla (KB) Burnette – Nashville’s Social Butterfly keeps it social.

Nashville has been considered the ‘it city’ and a chart climber in recognizing one of the most sought after places to live, work and play. Sometimes called Music City, U.S.A., Nashville is known for many great things with something to offer for everyone.

In this day and age, the bulk of mankind has either gone social or is in the process of learning how. Social media and all things digital impact our lives in one way or the other. This new dimension of evolving includes a myriad of things, including: daily news, special features, education and interactive updates. It’s still growing by leaps and bounds on all levels.

Nashville also has its own Karla (KB) Burnett (a.k.a., the Nashville Social Butterfly). It’s been said that her reports are captivating, and she stays well informed on all things ‘Nashville,’ work or play. The Nashville native is also always sharp as a tack, hardworking, cute as a button and always on her game, whatever it may be.

Karla is a professional, published blogger, brand strategist and sincere community activist who puts work into each title she wears. At press time, Karla was asked a few key questions and she didn’t respond back with any cookie-cutter answers, just her “truths.” It played out like this:

Q — “Where did you come up with the name ‘Nashville Social Butterfly’ and what makes you the Nashville Social Butterfly?

A – “I’ve always heard of the adage ‘social butterfly.’ While I believe I am a lot edgier than a butterfly, I am definitely the one to flit and flutter about experiencing the beauty in a stop and moving on to cross pollinate my experiences with others.

Q – “Can the concept of the BNA social butterfly be taken anywhere else?

A – “Most certainly, Nashville Social Butterfly is flexible and forever growing. I absolutely plan on taking the Nashville Social Butterfly outside of Nashville.

Q – “What’s the most enjoyable thing about what you do?

A – “I’ve always been an outgoing social person. I believe in what I do and my work to add value to the Nashville brand. I love immersing myself in the new Nashville and event experiences that are outside of my personal comfort zone—that and that there are business opportunities where I can earn money doing what I love to do and the Internet is amazing.”

Karla ended with: “Feel the fear and do it anyway. The only thing stopping you is you. Live and love life, for it’s far too short.”

For further information, visit the website at www.nashvillesocialbutterfly.com.