‘Return of the King’ honored Black Kings in the Community

Award recipients, Darryl Howard (far left), Andrea Evans (second from right) and Clemmie Greenlee (far right) stand with sponsors.

Award recipients, Darryl Howard (far left), Andrea Evans (second from right) and Clemmie Greenlee (far right) stand with sponsors.

The Loft at Ella Jeans played host to ‘Return of the King Honoring Black Kings in the Community’ on September 9. Those honored on that day received The King Award honoring Black Kings (Men) in the community.

Among those who received awards was Darryl Howard, founder of Personal Interest In Changing Character (PICC). Howard’s award recognized him for Collaborating/Helping Others/Mentoring (youth, men, women and families). PICC is known for bringing unity in communities by working with diverse groups of all faiths, cultures of varied social and economic status, and to address the issues that are affecting the community. They often give exposure to the issues of violence; education; job readiness; job training; medium, low and subsidized housing and resources; and opportunities for impoverished areas.

Personal Interest In Changing Character was founded and established in 2005 by Darryl Howard and Juan Holbert to serve individuals and their families affected by personal struggle, adversity, and incarceration. Since their inception, they have strived to develop a variety of community-based programs and services to build family and spiritual values and cultivate opportunities for self sufficiency while developing greater self esteem and self confidence for those who are impacted by personal struggle and adversity.

“I am humbled and gracious for being recognized,” Howard said. “I understand nothing that we do is an individual thing but it is the coming together, sharing of ideas, being diligent, just doing the work. Getting out of personal preference to serve the greater purpose is what it is about.”
He always wants people to recognize that the impact anyone is able to do is because of a team effort. He said that he is eternally grateful for those of the Personal Interest

In Changing Character family and those who partner with them to be a part of the change.

When receiving his award, Howard spoke of a vision that will give young people the life skills and drive by building self-confidence and cultivating creative thinkers armed with hope that will reshape communities.

Those who have a desire to contribute to this work can inquire via e-mail to adored4life34@yahoo.com or on Facebook.

Other award recipients included: Clemmie Greenlee of Nashville Peacemakers and Andrea Evans of Jai 2 Hype.