Keesha Rainey slays national anthem at Preds game

Nashville native and Gospel music Icon Keesha Rainey singing the national anthem at the Nashville Predators hockey game.       (photo: Nashville Predators)

Nashville native and Gospel music Icon Keesha Rainey singing the national anthem
at the Nashville Predators hockey game.
(photo: Nashville Predators)

She is favorably known by many names, but one thing is for certain, gospel icon Keesha Rainey (the Red Diva) has a voice that leaves a lasting impression whenever it is shared. She is cute as a button, with a style all her own. That includes her unique, partial crown of red hair. The invested and highly talented songwriter and singer said she is proud to have been born, raised and educated in Nashville, often known as the ‘it city,’ and will always ‘go hard’ for it.

On September 28, this Nashville songbird stepped up and took center stage as she proudly crooned and vocally flared our country’s national anthem, the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ The crowd cheered loudly when she hit the high points of the noted song and ongoing thereafter. She made it look easy as her beautiful presence filled the giant monitor screens in the packed Bridgestone Arena.

But that is just how she rolls. Keesha stays prayed up and lets God use her. Her beautiful voice comes with a kind, genuine spirit. I think that the late songwriter, lawyer Francis Scott Key would appreciate her performance of his song.

The Nashville Predators played the Columbus Blue Jackets, with the final score tally being: Columbus 4, Preds 3. Bridgestone Arena staff and the corporate communications coordinator, Natalie Aronson, all helped make this milestone possible.

The Bridgestone Arena is home to Smashville and the Nashville Predators Professional Hockey Team, a.k.a., the Preds. Even though Keesha earned a standing ovation, her spot wasn’t just handed to her. She humbly took part in several pre-game interviews and auditions. Just one month ago, Keesha learned from social media and her local news to get a slot. She went from being one of the four final contestants to securing the actual slot to sing the national anthem.

Her perseverance and skilled voice earned her this spot in history. It’s not every day that an African American woman of God shows up at one of our country’s major venues and steps onto the platform to command such positive attention.

She is blessed to have ministered on a myriad of stages to various audiences on national and international platforms, including: Black Entertainment Television (BET) with Dr. Bobby Jones (Bobby Jones Gospel); the WORD network; and she has sung with some of the world’s top gospel artists. On another note, Keesha also works with the Nashville based Boy Scouts of America.

Clearly she has earned her place amongst gospel music royalty. She also continues to be an inspiration to budding artists by effectively leading by example in her walk here on earth.

Along with making Nashville proud and marking another newsworthy success for Music City U.S.A., this performance will open doors not yet seen. Her family, colleagues, fans, and publicist Benita Bellamy (president The Bellamy Group) joined the many that are still savoring September 28—the day when internationally known artist Keesha Rainey ‘heated up the ice’ in Smashville. She has a new CD out titled I’m Moving, available everywhere.