Gun control? When is enough, enough?

William T

William T. Robinson, Jr.

In wake of the recent carnage in Las Vegas where 58 people were killed and hundreds hospitalized, isn’t it crucial that immediate changes in gun control laws are warranted? How many more lives must be lost until laws are enacted that truly put the welfare of the American people first? Can’t we stop wavering and putting profits and special interests ahead of protecting human lives?

We all know what we need to do immediately to stop or minimize the number of lives being lost during these horrendous mass attacks on innocent people that are becoming commonplace in our society. It’s simply a no brainer. Ban the sale of assault weapons to civilians.

Time and time again it’s been shown that those sick cowardly individuals bringing bodily harm and snuffing out the lives of decent, innocent individuals are able to accomplish more carnage with semi-automatic assault weapons. These weapons are able to shoot numerous rounds of fire in a short period of time and cover a bigger targeted area—all to the disadvantage of innocent and unassuming individuals.

It is no secret that we need to be more vigilant and utilize more surveillance in public venues, but the reality is that we can’t stop all deranged and sick people from engaging in acts of violence using guns. But we can minimize the number of innocent, vulnerable people hurt or killed in a public venue by outlawing the sale of assault weapons to civilians.

At this time in our tumultuous and uncertain history, one would have to question the motive and rationalization of anyone, especially elected officials adamant in not supporting stronger gun legislation to ban assault weapons. Strict supporters of the NRA (National Rifle Association) should understand that we are not advocating that qualified citizens who go through the proper background checks shouldn’t be able to secure a gun for protection—but not assault weapons!

Common sense dictates that the only reason one would feel the need for securing assault weapons is that they would like to kill fast and in bulk. No one is trying to upset supporters of the second amendment that gives citizens the right to bear arms. But it just doesn’t make sense for the average American citizen to be able to secure an assault weapon unless they have ulterior or clandestine motives.

I will be the first to defend the right of law-abiding citizens to be able to bear arms to protect themselves and their families. The notion that only criminals and the government should have weapons is forbidden. The mass of law-abiding citizens would literally be held captives, open to the tyranny of the armed.

I wished we lived in a world where the need to have a weapon was unnecessary. But as it stands now, we just don’t have that luxury. There is no one solution to deter or minimize the unnecessary slaughter of innocent lives taking place today.

However putting political differences aside, our elected officials should come together in a bipartisan collaboration and unanimously put their constituents first and do the right thing: ban assault weapons.

It is highly speculated that the only reason some politicians are hesitant to advocate for stronger gun control is that they are in the pockets of gun companies giving large sums of money to the NRA to lobby for their selfish gains. When will we stop playing games and secure the bull by the horns? We all know it all about money.

When all is said and done, if elected officials have any remorse and compassion for the lives of those slain in recent mass killings in public venues, they would support a ban against the sale of assault weapons to civilians. Enacting a bill to ban the sale of assault weapons would be a united step in recognizing and honoring the lives of those victimized and killed, letting the world and the families of those killed know they did not die in vain.

While you have many Republican supporters and the NRA stating that banning the sale of assault rifles will not deter mass killings of innocent people, it must be noted it will minimize the loss of life during such attacks. Assault weapons should be limited to use on battlefields, not in public streets or venues.

But do we ever learn? There is talk of allowing civilians to buy silencers and the continued selling of bump stock devices that turn semi-automatic assault weapons into full automatic assault weapons. Doesn’t this border on insanity? Seriously, that would be the epitome of insensitivity and disrespect to the surviving victims and those slaughtered.

Many citizens are tired of all the verbal rhetoric by politicians and some in the media dancing around stricter gun control and banning assault weapons. All we are asking at this time is for Congress to do the right thing in the best interests of all Americans. Ban the sale of assault weapons to civilians.