NOAH hosts ‘Speak Loudly, Nashville’

The members and visitors of Nashville Organized for Action and Hope (NOAH) will meet on October 29 for the meeting ‘Speak Loudly, Nashville!’ at Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church, 1203 9th Ave. North.

At 6:30 pm the regular NOAH monthly meeting will convene with a special agenda. An invitation to ask questions concerning issues that are of interest to the public has been presented by the NOAH task force.

Mayor Barry and other officials will be answering questions that were asked through electronic submission.

The questions concern the following areas: criminal justice and mass incarceration; gentrification and affordable housing; and economic equity and jobs.

The community looks forward to the questions for Mayor Barry and the other officials, along with their proposed resolutions. What would you ask? From the submission of questions, two will be chosen to be heard at the meeting.

This is your opportunity to be heard on the issues that matter most to you. Although you may not have submitted a question, it is very important that the community attend this meeting, to get a clear understanding of the issues and the position that is taken by the mayor and other officials.

“This will be our most important monthly meeting this year,” said Rev. Ed Thompson, NOAH chair. “Mayor Megan Barry and other decision-makers will be speaking to NOAH’s issues and answering questions from our task force.”

NOAH is a faith led coalition that is multi-racial and interdenominational comprised of congregations, community organizations, and labor unions that work to give voice to traditionally marginalized people. NOAH engages ordinary people in the political and economic decisions affecting their lives, acting as a unified voice for the faith and justice community to act on its values in the public arena.

For more information on NOAH’s Public Meetings, call 615-905-6624.