Nashville’s Boyz, Inc. enjoys another successful TSU tailgate experience

The Boyz, Inc. still make a joyful noise are heard nationwide. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

The Boyz, Inc. still make a joyful noise are heard nationwide. (photo: Deborah A. Culp)

It was another landmark Tennessee State University Homecoming weekend, complete with a hometown court advantage football game—and yes, a myriad of mouth-watering tailgating components. For those who missed this event, no worries, because on November 11 interested parties may join ‘The Boyz’ on campus at Fisk University’s Homecoming Day.

Among the many individuals, families and groups who set up some serious tailgating stations were the Boyz, Inc., a.k.a., the ‘Boyz of the 615,’ a nonprofit 501(c)3 community organization.

Boyz, Inc. strives to provide support and improve the quality of life for members of the community in Metro Nashville, Davidson County, and beyond. Community members gave all founders helping hands when they were young, and now they want to give back.

Fundraisers and donations are a key part to the organizations success, and so are the food drives. On November 4 from 9-1 pm, the group will hold a food drive and the site will be determined at a later date.

‘An Evening with the Boyz’ fundraiser is another avenue that will help support the scholarship program, which ultimately allows deserving students to get into TSU or Fisk. This year it is being held on December 1 at the Embassy Suites (Nashville) Airport. The reception begins promptly at 6 pm; dinner is at 7 pm; and the Program/Dance is from 8-11 pm.

The attire for the evening may range from ‘business casual’ to ‘dressy,’ but not necessarily ‘formal wear’; however, definitely no ‘jeans,’ ‘chucks,’ ‘saggy pants’ or improper attire of any kind. The Boyz believe in leading by example, and in many cases (food for thought) young people will imitate what they see.

Over the years other fundraisers have provided necessary funding needed to help students along the path to higher education. The age-old adage ‘it takes a village (to raise a child)’ is just as valid today as it was when an unknown author first breathed life into those words and concept. Without money for tuition, books and basic living cost, many students (especially African American students) fall through the proverbial cracks.

The tax-deductible $65 ticket cost is well worth the price to enjoy a night out and a full course meal—and to hang out with the Boyz while taking in some of Nashville’s first class entertainment, such as The Tyrone Smith Revue, featuring one of Music City’s finest talents, Tyrone ‘Super T’ Smith.

Super T exhibits relentless showmanship that is sure to make your occasion a most memorable experience. It’s been demonstrated that Tyrone’s primary focus is on the client’s special event. He is no stranger to the entertainment industry, Super T has been performing for diverse crowds for over 40 years and has been featured nationally on the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Morning Show, Inside Edition, and Entertainment Tonight to name a few.

At this year’s TSU Tailgate, hot off the grill, countless many in parking Lot R enjoyed tasty meals and cold drinks. It was sponsored by All in One Lawn Care Services. Tracy Williams is the owner and a proud member of Boyz, Inc. as well. The group is comprised of both men and women, all working together for the same effective goals and progressive outcomes.

Boyz, Inc.’s Chairman of the Board Coach Richard Coure remains humbled and very grateful for the time invested by volunteers, and for the ongoing support and financial gifts they have received since 1998.

“Hopefully this will continue and we will either work side by side at a Boyz of the 615 events or graciously thank you for your financial contribution,” said Coach Coure.

To stay in touch and kept in the loop for the group, check out and subscribe to their website.