Symphony Chips feed the soul and entrepreneurial spirit

The Royal Potato Chip Family enjoying the successful launch of Symphony Chips. Pictured (l to r): Diondre, Amari and Amina Anderson. (photo: Symphony Potato Chips)

The Royal Potato Chip Family enjoying the successful launch of Symphony Chips. Pictured (l to r): Diondre, Amari and Amina Anderson. (photo: Symphony Potato Chips)

How many versions, flavors, types and brands of potato chips are on the market today, and how do they differ one from the other? This is a potential question asked by many curious chip lovers and snack connoisseurs.

Get ready world, because a new contender has emerged and they are already getting rave reviews for the chips, their unique story and for the people behind them, founder/visionary/entrepreneur Dondre Anderson and his two beautiful daughters, Amari, age 14, and Amina, age 15. The girls are instrumental and have hands on experience with the operations of the company (whenever time and breaks from school allow).

Soon they each will have their own piece of success to add to the bigger venture. Amina has formulated a Gluten Free Fry Mix and her sister Amari, has done the same with a special Chocolate Bread. The girls have an 18-year-old brother who is a full time college student. His name is Ampith. ‘Ampith’ means ‘trust.’ The Las Vegas entrepreneur has strong ties to Nashville through his supportive brother Kenneth.

They have a unique back-story even without the level of immediate success they’ve already experienced from the initial launch of the chips. His background isn’t in the food or hospitality industry, he holds two separate Bachelor of Science degrees from Kennesaw State University. One is in electrical engineering and the other is in computer engineering.

His research was paired with a delicious secret spice ‘symphony’ exploding into engulfed happiness after tasting the sauce on potato chips. Dondre Anderson is the CEO; however, the Anderson legacy still runs deep, because the visionary for the spice hails from his father Chef Andre Anderson.

Chef Anderson has over 40 years of hard won experience under his belt and is a history maker in his own right for being an invested African American worker, in Las Vegas, Nev. Poppa (Chef) Anderson proudly serves countless customers in a high end hotel that holds bragging rights for many great reasons, including being the first to come out on the scene with a ‘World Buffett.’

Chef Anderson believes that food enhances the quality of life calling for a pleasurable harmonious experience in each taste or bite.

The good word has quickly spread about their gourmet seasoned, all natural, gluten free potato chips. The company is getting orders daily from various parts of the country.

So far, the success has been verified in 41 of the 50 states.

When Dondre was asked to share a neat synopsis of the bigger Symphony Potato Chips picture. His heartfelt reply was: “Symphony Potato Chips is a Black-owned family business based in Atlanta, Ga., which is quickly becoming a household name. Harmonious and flavorful are words that are used every day, but try saying that with your mouth full of these gourmet potato chips. Sales have come in from all over the Southeast, most of the Northeast, the Midwest, and even as far west as Hawaii. But don’t take our word for it. We encourage everyone to check out our Symphony Chips website and place an order for a chance to win a free 12-pack of chips. This offer is only good while supplies last.”

A new tantalizing flavor for Symphony Potato Chips is in the making as we speak. Dondre and his team say that they already know that the new flavor will unleash a party in the consumer’s mouth, while continuing the demand for the one-of-a-kind treat.

Dondre credits God, his family and those who believed in him enough to support him and/or continue to support him and the girls on their journey.

“The road to success is always under construction and you remember every person that lifts you up,” said Dondre.